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VA Education

The Montgomery GI Bill® (“new” GI Bill®) provides educational benefits for individuals entering the military service after June 30, 1985. Reservists and National Guard members should refer to Chapter 1606 below.

What benefits can I get?

You may get up to 36 months of education benefits. The VA will pay the benefits monthly. The amount you’ll receive depends on these factors:

  • Your length of service.
  • The type of educational or training program you choose.
  • Your category.
  • Whether you qualify for a college fund or kicker.
  • How much you’ve paid into the $600 Buy-Up program. Learn more about the $600 Buy-Up program

Learn more about the Montgomery GI Bill®.

This program is available to members of the Selected Reserve, including the National Guard.

What benefits can I get?

You can get up to $384 per month in compensation (payments) for up to 36 months. View current payment rates

View more information about Montgomery GI Bill®: Selected Reserve (Old Chapter 1606).

This program is for individuals who have a compensable service connected disability, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs determines that training and rehabilitation services are needed to overcome an employment handicap. Students reporting this benefit must report monthly subsistence allowance on this form.

If I’m still on active duty, am I eligible for vocational rehab and employment?

You may be eligible for VR&E benefits and services if you are a service member and meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • You have a 20% or higher pre-discharge disability rating (memorandum rating) and will soon leave the military.
  • You are participating in the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) process or are awaiting discharge due to a medical condition resulting from a serious injury or illness that occurred in the line of duty. Learn more about accessing VR&E services through IDES

Please note: Severely injured active-duty service members can automatically receive VR&E benefits before VA issues a disability rating because of Sec. 1631(b) of the National Defense Authorization Act (PL 110-181).

View more information on eligibility for VA vocational rehab and employment

DoD Tuition Assistance

State Benefits

The SCNG College Assistance Program will pay 100% of college tuition and fees at state supported institutions up to $4,500 per year with a lifetime cap of $18,000 per service-member. Service Members must be in good academic with the institution to receive CAP funding. 

Financial Aid

Learn more information about applying for the FAFSA. For scholarship information, please contact the VMSS office. 


As part of the application process, your previous training, education, and experience will be evaluated for credit towards your degree. Credits will be evaluated on a case by case by basis. Linguists, with documentation, will have their language requirement waived.

Request transcripts from Go Army Ed.

The Veteran and Military Student Success Center

The Veteran and Military Student Success Center is an asset to veteran, active duty, and military family member students. It offers a meeting space where students can study for exams, learn from current students, and find a sense of community during their transition back into civilian life. You can rely on and connect at the VMSS and may become an important part of your journey in higher education, and for veteran and military students coming to USC Aiken, making your way into the VMSS and using the resources can set you apart and lead you to success.

Veteran Transition Success Advocates

Another huge advantage to coming into the Veteran and Military Student Success Center are the Veteran Transition Success Advocates. Made up of a dynamic duo of psychology graduate students, the VTSAs work to help veteran students transition into civilian and college life. Whether it be from the stress of the work load, concerns with career planning, or if you just need someone to talk to, they’re here for you.

View more information about the VTSAs