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Pi Alpha Sigma: The University of South Carolina Veterans Honor society

In order to aid military connected students in academic pursuits, recognize outstanding academic achievement, and cultivate a stronger sense of community, we the students of the University of South Carolina Aiken do hereby form the organization known as Pi Alpha Sigma (formerly the University of South Carolina Veterans Honor Society).

The name of this organization shall henceforth be Pi Alpha Sigma. The Greek letters are representative of the phrase by which we identify ourselves, tomorrow's warriors of wisdom. The phrase identifies our connection to our sacrifices for the nation and acknowledges our continued dedication to our education and wisdom.

The mission of Pi Alpha Sigma is to recognize outstanding success in academia by Military Veteran, Military Services Member, Military Spouse, and Military Family Member students who embody our core values of educational dedication, understanding, and community.

Pi Alpha Sigma has recognized dedication as one of its core values. As such, this organization agrees to adhere to all policies and procedures of the University and comply with all local, state, and federal laws. Members will be made acquainted with policies and procedures provided by the University.


The Student Veterans Organization

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The student veterans organizations on campus coordinate events such as Veterans Day breakfasts, excursions and social events with other organizations, as well as honors and recognition for distinguished graduates.