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Music Minor

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About the Minor in Music

The minor in music is uniquely adaptable to individual needs and is an ideal program of study for those seeking intensive studies in music while pursuing another degree. The minor is 18 credit hours chosen from courses in music theory and aural skills, music history, private lessons, and university ensembles. For more information about the courses applicable to the minor in music, view the academic bulletin.

If you are interested in pursuing a minor in music and would like to learn more, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Requirements for the Minor in Music


Music Theory

MUSC 196 Music Theory and Aural Techniques I


Music History

Select from:

MUSC 371 History of Western Music I
MUSC 372 History of Western Music II


Select 1 of the following 3 options:

A. Theory: MUSC 197 Music Theory and Aural Techniques II and 2 hours from Private Instruction

B. History: MUSC 371 or 372 (whichever wasn’t selected from Music History) and 3 hours from Private Instruction

C. Performance: select 2 ensemble hours in addition to the 2 ensemble hours required of all minors, and 4 hours of Private Instruction

Private Instruction (minimum of 2 semesters on one instrument or voice)

Select from: *

MUSC 101 and 102 Voice

MUSC 112 and 113 Percussion

MUSC 121 and 122 Organ

MUSC 133 and 134 Piano

MUSC 141 and 142 String Instrument

MUSC 151 and 152 Woodwind Instrument

MUSC 161 and 162 Brass Instrument


Performing Ensemble

Select from: **

MUSC 183 University Pep Band

MUSC 184 University Wind Ensemble

MUSC 185 University Choir

MUSC 186 Masterworks Chorale

MUSC 187 Jazz Ensemble

MUSC 188 Canticum Novum

MUSC 189 Aiken Concert Band

MUSC 392B Chamber Ensemble


Piano Instruction

Select from: ***

MUSC 135 Group Piano *

MUSC 133, 134 Piano


* MUSC 101, 112, 121, 133, 135 141, 151, and 161 may be repeated one time

** May be repeated one time

*** If piano is chosen under Private Instruction, a different music course must be approved by the Department Chair.


Total Hours Required