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Bachelor of Arts, Major in Art

Visual and Performing Arts

About the BA in Art (Art History, Graphic Design, Studio & Digital Art)

The Art and Art History Program fosters a supportive, hands-on environment, where students can pursue a Bachelor of Arts – Major in Art (B.A. in Art) with concentrations in Art History, Graphic Design, and Studio and Digital Art. B.A. in Art majors receive individualized attention from faculty committed to high-impact teaching and learning, professional training, intellectual growth, and creative discovery.  

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What Others Are Saying

“Since being in the printing business, I'm happy to say that we have had the pleasure of hiring a number of UofSC Aiken art students after graduation. It amazes me how the art program has progressed and grown since I was an art student. Every year, I see a higher caliber of students submit for a design position and with the BA – Art degree those students will be even more prepared for the opportunities that are out there and walk in the door to their jobs already an asset for their employers.”

- Owner of Innovative Solutions

“The art and design program at the University puts the students on a level playing field with others seeking careers in creative industries, ensur[ing that] students are gaining skills that are applicable to specific industries and careers in the arts.”

- Owner of C. Berkshire Designs

“The [Art and Art History] program has a direct correlation with growth opportunities at our company. Wier/ Stewart is a multi-discipline design and creative studio offering many different roles and careers. Any program that helps build the local workforce for our company would be highly beneficial. Currently, students with this degree could potentially join our company in the following roles: Account Executive, Media Planning, Marketing Strategies, Graphic Designer, Animator, Illustrator, Production Designer, Website Designer, Front End Developer, Back End Developer, Video Producer, Videographer or Editor.”

- Representative from Wier/ Stewart