Front Entrance of University Police headquarters

Parking, Traffic Safety Policies and Procedures

University Police

Students are required to obtain a parking decal, and it must be properly displayed on their vehicle.      A twenty-five dollar per semester parking and safety fee will be included in their tuition and fees statement. Parking on campus without a permit will result in a ticket and subsequent fine. Fines must be paid at the Finance Office located in the Penland Building and not at the University Police Department. There are four parking lots on campus which students can use. Parking lots “A” and “B” are located in the front of campus and parking lots “C” and “D” are located on either side of the Etherredge Center. Students may park in any of the spaces marked with white lines. The yellow marked spaces are reserved for faculty and staff year-round until 2 PM.  Parking in any spaces other than those designated for students will result in a ticket and subsequent fine. Students who live in USCA student housing will be issued a special parking permit which will allow them to park in the campus housing parking lots. Students with Resident decals cannot park in lots A through D, until after 2 PM Monday through Friday. Students who do not live in campus housing and do not have a Resident decal ARE NOT permitted to park in the housing parking lots and are subject to fines, booting of their vehicle and towing if they do so.

Parking and Traffic Regulations

A. Rules and regulations for parking and traffic control at the USCA campus are indicated by printed guides, campus maps, signs and street curb markings.

  1. Yellow curb indicates no parking. In addition, parking is prohibited at fireplugs, fire lanes, sidewalks, walkways, grass, lawns, intersections, driveways or alleyways unless indicated by signs. At no time should service drives and trash pickup areas be blocked.
  2. Faculty/Staff parking spaces are indicated by yellow lines; student parking spaces are indicated by white lines.
  3. The campus speed limit is 14 miles per hour unless otherwise posted. However, everyone is expected to operate vehicles in a safe manner commensurate with road and weather conditions.
  4. In the event a vehicle becomes inoperable on campus, University Police should be notified immediately. Steps should be taken to move the vehicle from the street or other hazardous position to a parking space. If the vehicle is not moved within a reasonable amount of time, the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense. Jumper cables are supplied by University Police 24 hours a day.
  5. All parked vehicles should be locked and no valuables left in unoccupied vehicles at anytime. Report thefts or damage to University Police (6111) for investigation or other action.
  6. Vehicles are not allowed in the Quad area of the campus. This is reserved for pedestrian traffic and emergency vehicles only.

B. Booting, Towing and/or Impounding Vehicles

According to State law, the appropriate campus official responsible for law enforcement and public safety or designee shall have the power to have a vehicle impounded, towed and stored at the owner’s expense and risk under the following conditions:

  1. if the motor vehicle is parked in a fire lane;
  2. if the motor vehicle is parked in a handicapped space without benefit of a handicapped permit or is parked in such a way as to block a curb cut for the handicapped;
  3. if the motor vehicle is parked on a yellow curb or in such a way as to block a driveway, to block a service entrance or to create a hazard to safety;
  4. if the motor vehicle is parked in a parking by- permit-only area without benefit of a permit; no parking after 12 midnight without permit - towing enforced in all lots;
  5. if three or more traffic violations in one academic year have been issued against said vehicle.

C. Violations, Penalties and Bonds

The driver and/or owner or person in whose name a vehicle is registered shall be responsible for all violations incurred by the vehicle. Fines are payable in person or by mail at the Finance Office during regular working hours Monday through Friday. DO NOT SEND CASH. The mailing address is University of South Carolina Aiken, Attn: Finance Office, 471 University Parkway, Aiken SC 29801.

Schedule of penalties: Fines

  • Parking Improperly $20
  • Parking Permit Improperly displayed $10
  • Parking in No Parking Area $50
  • Parking in Service or Loading Zone $25
  • Blocking sidewalks and Driveways $25
  • Parking in Reserved Space $25
  • Parking in a no parking safety zone; or fire lane/blocking fire hydrant $50
  • Parking on Grass $25
  • Parking on sidewalk $25
  • Parked on Yellow Curb $50
  • Failure to register vehicle $20
  • Parking in Student Housing lot by a non-resident $25
  • Housing residents improperly parking in main lots 8 AM – 2 PM, Mon – Fri. $25
  • Parking in space for people with disabilities or blocking space or curb cut $50
  • Speeding on campus $40
  • Booting of a vehicle $50
  • First offense driving in an unsafe manner / obstructing campus operations $25
  • Second offense driving in an unsafe manner / obstructing campus operations $50
  • Failure to obey Police Officers’ instructions $50

D. Appeals

Legitimate appeals may be submitted within 72 hours after the time of issuance (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excepted); otherwise, the right to appeal is forfeited. Appeals will be presented before the Citation Appeals Committee for consideration. Each case is presented and a final determination is made on the merit of the appeal and the infraction. Upon the finding of the committee a notification will be made via email as to the final results. The appeals form can be located in the University Police Department or you may print and complete this form (USC Aiken Citation Appeal Form) and bring it along with your original citation to the University Police Department.