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The Time to Act is Now

Cyberattacks can be devastating for local governments. Disruption or loss of critical infrastructure and expensive recovery services, legal fees, and reputational damage can plague small and mid-size governments and organizations for years into the future. These factors converge to erode public trust and strain constituent relationships, making success virtually impossible.

Small and mid-size governments and organizations often face a unique set of challenges when it comes to cybersecurity, including small budgets and few, if any, employees capable of effectively securing the organization’s network. As a result, these institutions find themselves vulnerable to attack.

It’s evident that new resources and models must be developed to protect our communities. Government agencies like Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and the National Security Agency have further underscored the need for organizations like the University of South Carolina Aiken to take a more substantial role in securing our communities’ digital assets

Partner with USC Aiken

The University of South Carolina Aiken is partnering with small and mid-size governments, municipalities, school districts, critical infrastructure facilities, and businesses to bolster our region’s cybersecurity posture and enhance public trust.

We provide a low-cost comprehensive suite of services from network monitoring and incident response to pre-incident planning and recovery. Our team will provide you with a tailored plan that addresses critical vulnerabilities and the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

By partnering with USC Aiken, you’ll have access to cutting-edge technology and the latest research advancements. Additionally, USC Aiken is a designated National Security Agency Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense and will soon be home to a more than $30 million South Carolina National Guard cybersecurity complex.

Our Approach

Our client teams include experienced information technology professionals assisted by an elite group of USC Aiken students and faculty in cybersecurity and information technology. These teams provide near round-the-clock monitoring, along with mitigation and response services.

Our clients are smart, community-focused leaders who contribute to the growth and prosperity of our region by partnering with USC Aiken. In addition to securing a cost-effective solution and investing in a more secure future, our clients are providing opportunities to educate and train the future cybersecurity workforce and producing immeasurable economic impact for our region

Services Offered

The Regional Security Operations Center provides a full suite of cybersecurity services including:

  • Pre-incident planning and assessment
  • Network scans
  • Network maintenance
  • Incident intervention
  • Investigation
  • Recovery assistance
  • Information Technology consultation

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