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Sometimes issues or questions will arise during your college career, but USC Aiken has many handshakeresources in place to help you work through them. Remember, any problem can be overcome with the appropriate help. 

For example, if you are struggling with the writing assignments in one of your classes, you can reach out to the Writing Center for assistance. Or, if you have a concern about your financial aid package, you can contact the Office of Financial Aid. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of these resources that are available.

You can check the Thrive Guide resources page for full details about the offices and services that are already in place to help students like you be successful. Below you will find a reference list for where you can go when you need assistance with certain topics.



Studying, tutoring for most subjects, time management 

Center for Student Achievement Achievement

Writing tutoring, citation help

Writing Center

Math tutoring

Math Lab

Research, citation help

Gregg-Graniteville Library

Assistance for students with physical, psychological, or learning disabilities

Disability Services

Leadership development, campus involvement, student organizations

Student Life Office

Applying for Housing, roommate issues, Housing maintenance requests

University Housing

Staying fit and healthy

Campus Recreation and Wellness


Counseling Center

Treatment or referral for common health issues

Student Health Center

Safety concerns, campus parking, student ID

University Police

Finding a job, resume help, interview practicing

Career Services

Class registration, requesting a minor, graduation requirements

Registrar's Office

Scholarships, grants, loans

Financial Aid Office

Tuition payment plans, paying bills, refunds

Business Services

Course certification, transfer military credits, services for veterans and service members and military family members

Veteran and Military Student Success

Books, UofSC Aiken Merchandise

Pacer Shoppe


In the event, you should have an academic related concern, there are several steps you can takechecklist on your own to resolve it:

  1. Talk to your professor. Your issue can likely be resolved in this first step if you clearly communicate the nature of your problem to your professor.
  2. Talk to your department chair. If your professor is unable to help, your department chair might offer a more satifactory resolution. 
  3. Talk to the dean of your school or college. If your department chair is unable to help, you may next bring the matter to your dean.
  4. Talk to the provost. If your dean is unable to help, you can speak with the provost about your academic concern. 

If you are unsure of who to speak with about a certain problem, the organizational charts show who is in charge of each area of the university, including the deans for each of the schools and colleges at USC Aiken. Organizational Charts