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Thrive Guide

Classes and Academics

How do I prepare for my advisement meeting?

It’s best to be as prepared as possible when meeting with your advisor. Before the meeting, log on to SSC and check to see which courses are being offered for the semester. If you are unsure which classes you need for your degree, check your program bulletin. Then, select several potential classes. Write down the course registration number (CRN) and the time the class meets. You will want to include several alternate classes on your list in case they do not work out. You’ll want to bring your list of possible classes with you to your advisement meeting to save time.

How do I succeed academically at USC Aiken?

  • Reach out to a mentor. This can be a faculty or staff member, perhaps your advisor or a Graduation captrusted professor, or it could be an upper-level student. It is important to find someone who can give you advice throughout your college career.
  • Balance out your classes. Don’t take too many difficult classes at the same time. Mixing some of your favorite subjects with the ones you find more difficult will allow you more time to focus on studying.
  • Don’t be afraid to add or drop a class. Sometimes you may need to add an extra course in order to reach your graduation goals. But you also shouldn’t be afraid to drop a class in some situations. If your grades in a course are low, you could be better off dropping a class than risking receiving a failing grade. Keep an eye on the academic calendar for important add/drop dates throughout the semester.
  • Ask questions and speak up in class. Your professors want to help you succeed and can give you the additional help you need. 

What steps should I take if I have an academic-related issue?

  1. Talk to your professor. Your issue can likely be resolved in this first step if you clearly communicate the nature of your problem to your professor.
  2. Talk to your department chair. If your professor is unable to help, your department chair might offer a resolution. 
  3. Talk to the dean of your school or college. If your department chair is unable to help, you may next bring the matter to your dean.
  4. Talk to the provost. If your dean is unable to help, you can speak with the provost about your academic concern, but remember to try the other three steps first. 


How do I know what books I need?books

Go to and search for your classes.

Where do I get books for classes?

You can buy all your books at The Pacer Shoppe, the campus bookstore. This is the most convenient method, but you can also shop online retailers, but double-check ISBN numbers to ensure you are buying the correct edition