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Division of Student Affairs

Helping students have a great college experience

At USC Aiken, it's easy to get involved, be a leader, and make new friends.

Whether you enjoy sports, music, movies, drama, student publications, community service, multicultural activities, or Greek Life, you'll find it here. With more than 60 student organizations, you will have many opportunities to take part as a leader or a member in experiences certain to enrich your college experience. There are also a wide range of programs and activities from cultural events, dances, comedians, and intramural sports.

The Division of Student Affairs is an integral educational and administrative component of the University of South Carolina Aiken which supports the overall mission of the University by enhancing the cognitive, ethical, emotional, occupational, physical and social development of students while adhering to the legal and ethical standards of our professions. The Division provides activities, programs and services to address the changing needs of students, staff, faculty and the community.

The Division of Student Affairs at USC Aiken seeks to create an environment which encourages students to broaden their perspective, develop their talents and interests, take responsibility for their actions, and prepare for meaningful careers. The Division's programs are designed to meet the needs of students throughout their contact with USCA. Special attention is given to the developmental needs of students during transitional periods. The holistic development of informed, responsible, productive citizens is the focus of these efforts.

The central purposes of the programs and services offered by the Division are:

  1. to provide equitable opportunities and support for the matriculation and retention of students;
  2. to increase the probability of student success while supporting the academic mission of the University;
  3. to encourage students to become involved in meaningful athletic, intellectual, leadership, recreational, and social pursuits;
  4. to foster a sense of pride and "esprit de corps" among the University family, alumni, and community; and
  5. to provide a safe and secure campus environment. These aims are pursued within the framework of applicable laws, regulations, and policies.

The Division's staff members strive to be accessible, flexible, and timely in dealing with constituents while maintaining high professional and ethical standards. Staff members are devoted to the success of students and serve as teachers, role models, mentors, and advocates for them. The Division's effectiveness is enhanced through staff members' participation in campus governance and activities, community involvement, and professional organizations.