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Undergraduate Programs

School of Business Administration

Face-to-Face B.S. in Business Administration

The UofSC Aiken School of Business Administration offers a four-year, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree with four different areas of concentration. All four areas of concentration are available on the UofSC Aiken campus through a traditional, face-to-face delivery method for residential and commuter students in the Aiken area. Each concentration requires the same liberal arts general education courses and the same core of required business courses, complemented by a collection of business courses within the field of concentration.

Aiken Business Program at Sumter

The Aiken Business Program at Sumter enables students who take their lower-level and general education requirements on the UofSC Sumter campus to complete their BSBA degree from UofSC Aiken by taking the necessary upper-level business courses on the Sumter campus.

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UofSC Aiken Palmetto College Programs

Palmetto College is a 100% online program where courses are offered asynchronously through Blackboard. Palmetto College’s Business Administration program with concentrations in Management and Accounting gives you the practical knowledge you'll need to stand out as a job candidate. Our business curriculum has been developed to reflect today's employers' real-world needs, so you'll graduate with the problem-solving skills that will get you hired and promoted in the modern marketplace.  

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