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Business Leadership Symposium

Fifth Annual Aiken Business Leadership Symposium 

Join us on March 2, 2023 for the fifth Annual Aiken Business Leadership Symposium.

The 2022 symposium theme is Cybersecurity and US. This year’s topic can be found in daily headlines across the globe. Cybersecurity is a major concern for large corporations, governing bodies, and individual citizens alike. The speakers for this event will share their expertise in policies, funding, and protections.

For any questions regarding the Annual Business Leadership Symposium, please contact the program's organizer Dr. Sanela Porča via email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by phone, 803-641-3232.

Event program

About the Symposium

The Aiken Business Leadership Symposium (ABLS) is an opportunity for USC Aiken students, local businesses, and community members to gain new insights into the world of business and the role of leadership. This one-day symposium is intended to bring prominent business leaders, business owners, policy makers, and civic leaders together. 

The School of Business strives for the symposium to serve as a platform for all community stakeholders to discuss and deliberate on the importance of higher education, innovative business ideas, and collaborative opportunities between the university and Aiken community.

The strategic operating principle of the USC Aiken School of Business is educating through engagement. The symposium provides the opportunity for intensive engagement with members of the business community. Similarly, the meeting offers both learning and networking opportunities for business owners and professionals. A major emphasis of the program is student career readiness, accompanied by employer networking and recruiting opportunities.

Attending the symposium will give participants the opportunity to:

  • Engage with business leaders
  • Explore business leader insights
  • Expand their knowledge of the latest business ideas
  • Energize their thoughts about business
  • Establish their career pathway

The symposium provides an opportunity for students to expand their knowledge of the latest business ideas by engaging with business leaders and USC Aiken alumni. Students should use the symposium as a learning and networking opportunity. The event demonstrates to current students the importance of learning, creative pursuits, and readiness for challenges ahead.  

The ABLS supports the USC Aiken mission by enriching the lives of others and helping members of the campus and Aiken community continuously engage in life-long learning.  

The School of Business wants to engage the local community in the educational experience USC Aiken offers. USC Aiken contributes to the community through education and through a variety of programs and professional, cultural, and athletic activities. 

The community benefits from the ABLS are numerous. The faculty at USC Aiken are leading experts and educators in their respective areas. The faculty's vision is to help businesses and policymakers lead tomorrow’s economy by establishing a strong collaborative relationship between the Aiken community and USC Aiken faculty, students, and staff.

USC Aiken proudly contributes to the local community and to the lives of our students, alumni, friends, and families. The USC Aiken mission of enriching the Aiken community’s quality of life can be further energized through collaborative opportunities, engagements, and programs like this one.


The Aiken Business Leadership Symposium provides intensive learning and networking opportunities for students, business professionals, and community members to attain forward-thinking business perspectives aimed at yielding student career readiness and employer preparedness.


The Aiken Business Leadership Symposium aspires to be the Southeast’s premier university-based business leadership event drawing students, business professionals, and community leaders from around the region to engage with experts from around the world.

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