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The University Police Department strives to be a friendly, community-orientated police department. Within this brochure are some helpful hints for protecting yourself and your belongings. With our efforts and your support, students, faculty, staff, and visitors will continue to feel safe and secure. If we can be of assistance, please get in touch with us.

USC Aiken Police Department Mission​

The mission of the department is to interact with and serve the campus community, protect life and property, enforce the law; and provide emergency medical first response to the campus community.​


24-Hour Staffing​

The University Police Department is staffed 24 hours daily to protect and serve the campus, including students, faculty, staff, and visitors.​



Every effort is made to prevent crime and protect the safety and property of everyone on campus. When these efforts fail, and a crime does occur, the same effort is put forth to apprehend the offenders and bring them before the courts. As always, your help is necessary in detecting crime. Should a crime occur, or you see anything suspicious, call the University Police Department immediately to report it.​

Patrol Division​

A staff of sworn police officers protects the campus under the direction of the police chief. The campus is patrolled 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by vehicle, utility terrain vehicles (UTV), and on foot.


Assistance Programs

The USC Aiken Police Department works with various programs on campus to benefit our students, such as:

  • Victim Assistance​
  • Safety Escorts​
  • Counseling​
  • Referrals​
  • Safety Education​

Safety Features

Emergency Call Boxes/Cameras​

Emergency call boxes and cameras are located throughout the campus. These call boxes provide a direct line to the University Police Department or the on-duty officer. We encourage everyone to become familiar with these call boxes and to report any concerns or suspicious activity. There are approximately 200 cameras located throughout the campus, and they are accessed yearly to ensure quality. These cameras provide additional security to the campus and the community surrounding the campus.​

Mass Notification​

The University Police Department will activate our emergency notification system to notify students, faculty, and staff of criminal activity which could have an adverse impact on the safety and security of individuals on or around the campus. This notification can be sent through loudspeaker, text, and email. To register for your RAVE account, visit

Additional Campus Safety Measures​

Residence halls are locked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and monitored by University Housing and University Police. Non-residential campus buildings are locked during periods when they are not in use.

Protecting Yourself

To help maintain a safe campus, students are asked to follow these guidelines:​

In The Residence Halls:​

  • Keep your door locked at all times.
  • Do not leave valuables lying in the open.
  • Do not keep large sums of money in your room.​
  • Mark all your valuables.
  • Keep access doors to residence halls closed and locked.
  • Know the emergency telephone numbers.
  • Do not give your phone number out indiscriminately.


Around Campus:​

  • Do not leave personal property in public areas.
  • Keep a good grip on purses and bags.
  • Carry only what you need to have with you.
  • Keep your distance from anyone who triggers suspicion.
  • Do not accept a ride from anyone you don’t know.
  • Do not walk alone at night.
  • When walking at night, stay in lighted areas and remain in the open.
  • Also, stay alert to your surroundings and walk briskly.


Protecting Your Car:​

  • Drive your car with the doors locked and windows up.
  • Do not give a ride to strangers.
  • Park in assigned areas on campus.
  • Roll your windows up and lock your doors when you leave your car.
  • Do not leave any item of value where it can be seen through the car windows.


Emergency Phone Numbers​

University Police: 803-641-3319

On-Campus Emergency: 6-1-1-1​

Off-campus Emergency: 803-648-4011


Other Helpful Numbers​

​Campus Counseling:​ 803-641-3609 or x3677​

Campus Housing:​ 803-641-3790​

Student Life:​ 803-641-3412​