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Campus Budget Committee


March 1, 2010

Reviewed on:

August 1, 2014

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 I.          Policy

a.        Purpose

The Campus Budget Committee (CBC) will make recommendations to the Chancellor concerning issues related directly and indirectly to the budget.  While broad guidance as to campus priorities and areas of special emphasis will be received from the Strategic Planning Committee, the CBC will be responsible for articulating identified needs from across the campus into a comprehensive financial plan for consideration by the Chancellor.  In a typical year, this would include receiving information through its membership from the Strategic Planning Committee, the Academic Council, the Administrative Units, and the Campus Technology Committee, with the aim of making informed judgments about the relative merits of new and continuing investments in programs and activities across the campus.

b.        Membership

The CBC will be comprised of the following members:

Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 
Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Services 
Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance
Vice Chancellor for Advancement
Chief Information Officer 
Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Budget Manager
Chair, Faculty Assembly 
Chair, Classified Employee Assembly 
Chair, Strategic Planning Committee 
President,  Student Government Association

II.        Procedure

         a. The CBC will be convened by the Chancellor or by the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance as needed during the year, but at least once per year.
         b.  The Chancellor will hold at least one campus-wide meeting each semester for the purpose of informing the campus about current issues, as well as for soliciting comments and suggestions about matters related to the budget. Information gathered at such sessions will be shared with the members of the CBC as a part of the regular agenda.

III.        Related Policies

IV.         Reason for Revision