Front Entrance of UofSC Aiken


Policies and Procedures

Number: ASTAF 116
Section: Student Affairs
Subject: Wellness Center and Natatorium Membership
Date: June 5, 2020 Revise
Issued by: Director of  Campus Recreation and Wellness
Authorized by: Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


Membership at the Wellness Center and Natatorium at UofSC Aiken is available for affiliates to the university.  Affiliates include the following:

  1. Enrolled Students

Students are able to participate in all programs and services provided through the Department of Campus Recreation & Wellness, for no additional fee outside of tuition charges.

  1. USC Aiken Faculty/Staff and Retirees

Membership is to the Wellness Center and Natatorium. It also includes towel and locker service.

  1. Spouse & Youth of Students/Faculty/Staff

Youth must be over 15 years of age. 15-18 years must be accompanied by their parent.

  1. USC Aiken Affiliates

An affiliation with USC Aiken falls into multiple categories. Some of these include but are not limited to: Leadership Donors, Alumni & Spouse (of all USC campus), Student Spouse/Parent, Center for Lifelong Learning, Cardiac Graduate & Spouse, Carolina Heart & Vascular Center Employees, Aiken County Government employees, ARMC Employees, ASL and APAC Parents, Summer Interns housed at USC Aiken.

  • In order to complete the affiliate membership process, all members must do the following:
    1. Present proof affiliation
    2. New members and renewing members that are not in the computer system will need to complete the facility informed consents.
    3. In the affiliated category, the spouse of the affiliate can only become a member if the original affiliated person is a member. (I.e. Alumni spouse cannot join unless the alumni is a member)
  1. Guest

Guest are allowed to use the Wellness Center and Natatorium with a current member. All guests are required to complete an informed consent and have a picture ID upon entrance to the facility. The guest fee is $10 for a daily pass. The guest must come to the facility with the current member and sign in at the main desks of either facility. Please arrange to bring the correct amount for guest pass.

  1. Membership Prices

Membership prices are located on the Campus Recreation & Wellness webpage.

  1. Refund

Once a membership is purchased, memberships cannot be refunded, canceled or extended except for extenuating circumstances. Any cancellations or extensions must be approved by the Director and will be taken on a case by case basis. 

Review Reason

Annual Review