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Policies and Procedures

Number: ASTAF 110
Section: Student Affairs Policies
Subject: Use of Campus Vehicles by Student Organizations
Date: April 26, 2010
Revised on: June 5, 2020
Issued by: Associate Director for Student Life
Authorized by: Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


This policy provides the procedures required for use of University vehicles by representatives of officially registered organizations. This policy permits student representatives to utilize university vehicles for official business and special occasions.


  1. To reserve a vehicle from the USC Aiken Motor Pool, the following must be done:
    1. Submit a completed/approved Vehicle Reservation Request Form to the operations office prior to actual travel. Two weeks prior when possible, call, and verify availability first.
    2. All drivers must be approved through the Driver Safety/Training Program prior to use of a University vehicle.
    3. Please contact 803-641-3452 to receive Vehicle Reservation Request Form and additional guidance.
  2. Students traveling in a university vehicle outside the Aiken, Augusta or Columbia area must be accompanied by a member of the USCA faculty, staff or administration and that person's name must appear on the Vehicle Reservation Request Form.  Any exception to this policy must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.
  3. All mileage will be charged to the relevant student organization.
  4. It is the responsibility of the user organization to return the vehicle in good condition (general cleanliness, removal of debris and personal belongings, etc.) to the Supply and Maintenance Building immediately after use.
  5. All drivers must abide by the regulations outlined in the Driver Safety Training Program (Policy AFCMN 18). Any violation of university regulations may result in an organizational and/or personal loss of privileges to use University vehicles by the organization and/or the student driver. Any damage to the vehicle and/or personal injury resulting from any violation of university regulations regarding usage is the responsibility of the driver.

Reason for Revision

Annual Review