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Policies and Procedures

Number: ASTAF 106
Section Student Affairs Policies
Subject: Solicitation Policy
Date: Revised - November 26, 2019
Reviewed on: June 5, 2020
Issued by: Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Authorized by: Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

I. Policy

The University of South Carolina Aiken has the duty and responsibility to maintain a safe  and healthy environment conducive to its principal mission of education. At the same time, the university recognizes and respects the constitutional protection of free speech as well as the individual student's right to privacy. Accordingly, the University hereby adopts this solicitation policy for the purpose of establishing reasonable time, place and manner restrictions for campus solicitation.

II. Procedure

  1. Solicitation is defined as contact for the purpose of:
    1. soliciting funds or sales or demonstrations that result in sales
    2. distributing advertising or other materials
    3. compiling data for surveys, programs, or other purposes
    4. recruiting members or support for an organization or cause
    5. providing educational information sessions (exclusive of formal University of South  Carolina Aiken academic classes)

“Non-commercial solicitation,” means any distribution by students individually or as member of student organizations of leaflets, brochures or other written materials, or oral speech by them to a passerby, conducted without intent to obtain commercial or private pecuniary gain.

  1. Solicitation activities may not substantially disrupt or materially (or significantly) interfere with the educational, administrative, or operational activities of the university. Commercial speech which is false, fraudulent, or misrepresentative is not permitted. Events which are in violation of local, state, or federal law, Board of Trustees policy, or rules, regulations, and guidelines of the university, are prohibited.
  2. An event that places an undue burden on campus facilities; interferes with the use of  campus facilities by other persons; disrupts normal operations; infringes on the protected  rights of others, and/or has as a principle goal to incite a riot or to disrupt other activities, may be denied the privilege to use University facilities (or grounds) for solicitation.
  3. Distribution of Literature
    1. Distribution of literature by University or non-University individuals or organizations for purposes of commercial solicitation is subject to this solicitation policy to prevent harassment of students and to maintain the campus environment. The person-to-person distribution of literature by University or non-University individuals or organizations is restricted to the areas available for solicitation and must be registered and reserved in advance through the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (or designee).
    2. The posting of literature by University or non-University individuals or organizations is restricted to appropriate reserved areas of bulletin boards in all University buildings subject to the documented approval and instruction of the Director of Student Life (or designee). Some bulletin board space is designated for University activities only.
    3. The posting or attachment of flyers, posters, advertisements, or announcements of any type on the exterior of buildings, trees, sidewalks, light posts, parked cars, outside free standing information board, or other similar structures is prohibited.
  4. Direct Mail Solicitation
    1. The University of South Carolina Aiken mailroom is responsible for providing services for faculty, staff, and students for official University business only. Mail determined to be of a personal nature (such as checks, bank statements, utility bills, personal packages) will be returned to the sender. The only exception to the policy is mail service to on campus resident students whose mail is delivered to their residence.
    2. University Intra-Campus Mail Service cannot be used by faculty, staff, students, or outside businesses or organizations for advertising, campaign notices, solicitation, or for any purpose that is not determined official University business. No USC Aiken mailing list will be available for use other than for official University of South Carolina business. Student organizations may be contacted through the Office of Student Life.
    3. Approval to solicit on the University of South Carolina Aiken campus shall not be granted in an arbitrary or capricious manner based upon the basis of the content of the proposed speech related activity. Any constitutionally protected speech will be permitted within the reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions of this policy.
  5. Eligibility
    1. University Organizations and Departments- Registered student organizations, academic units, or university departments may solicit in designated areas and under prescribed conditions as listed under Guidelines and Procedures later in this section.
    2. Non-University Organizations and Individuals wishing to come on campus for the purpose of solicitation must be sponsored by a registered student organization, academic unity, or university department.
    3. Employee Solicitation- Employees of the University may not solicit for non-University sponsored activities during working time regardless of whether they are in their working area or not. (See System Policy A1.07, Personnel, 08/85.)
    4. Solicitors and Tradesmen- Solicitors and tradesmen, including students, faculty, or other University personnel, are prohibited from entering University grounds or buildings of the University of South Carolina Aiken for the purpose of transacting business with students, faculty, or other University personnel, unless they have been issued a letter of permit for this purpose by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (or designee).  A fee to solicit may be imposed (see H3d in this policy) by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (or designee).
  6. Guidelines
    1. University Organizations and Departments
      1. For solicitations other than non-commercial solicitations, the organization or department must contact the Office of Student Life.
      2. Outside speakers and/or performers being sponsored on campus must be approved in advance by the vice chancellor of student affairs (or designee). Sufficient biographical information to identify the proposed speaker, including the address, email address and telephone number of the speaker or that of the agency representing the speaker shall be provided.  This information is placed in an open public records and maybe posted at the reservation location.
      3. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (or designee) must approve student funding raising activities.
      4. Lotteries, raffles, and games of chance must be in accordance with South Carolina state law.
    2. Designated Areas- . Public access to some portions of the campus must be limited to achieve the institution's educational mission, to retain student privacy, and to meet safety and health requirements. However, some areas are open for solicitation within the guidelines established by this policy. Prior approval through established registration and reservation procedures (available at the Student Life Office) and the approval of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (or designee) are necessary in order to utilize these areas. These areas are:
      1. designated areas in the front and back patios of the Student Activities Center;
      2. a designated area within the Student Activities Center, the Humanities and Social Science Building, Administration Building, the Business and Education Building and the Quad;
      3. other specifically designated areas formally contracted through the University for the purpose of advertising goods and services to the USCA community upon the approval of the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, or designee.
    3. Non-University Organizations and Individuals who are promoting or selling products or services.
      1. Space must be reserved at least 72 hours prior to rental, and the Office of Student Life must be contacted at 803-641-3436 to reserve space.
      2. All University policies and procedures must be followed, including publicity policies.
      3. The Office of Student Life must approve all solicitation requests.
      4. Cost: $100 a day for table space or $300 for 5 days of table space over a semester.
      5. Religious Groups: Provided free table space in the Student Activities or other designated space as listed above as long as the group is not trying to sell something or fundraising.
      6. Political Groups/Candidates: Provided free table space to pass out literature or information.  For political rallies or events, space must be reserved through the Office of External Programs, Continuing Education, and Conferences.

III. Disclaimer

The Solicitation Policy of the University of South Carolina Aiken must undergo constant revision to reflect prevailing community standards and the most recent case law which constitutionally defends the rights of students as citizens as well as protecting the individual privacy of students on the University campus. Contact the Student Life Office in the Student Activities Center for the most recent revisions of this Solicitation Policy.

IV. Reason for Revision

Annual Review