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Policies and Procedures


AIT   104


Information Technology


Scheduling CSD Computer Labs and Classrooms


March 12, 2010

Reviewed on:

October 25, 2012

Issued by:

Director of Client Services

Authorized by:

Vice Chancellor for Information Technology/CIO

I. Policy

This policy defines student computer areas managed by CSD and the procedure for reserving those areas.

a. CSD is responsible for scheduling any remaining times slots available, once class schedules have been completed by the Registrar, in computer labs and classrooms directly under CSD's control.

b.  CSD has direct control over the following computer labs and classrooms: B&E 236A, B&E 238A, B&E 238E, B&E 238F and H&SS 106.

c. Definitions

1. CSD is an acronym for Computer Services Division.

2. In this document student computer areas refer to any computer lab or classroom where students congregate.

II. Procedure

a. Open Access to CSD Controlled Computer Classroom and Labs

1. B&E 238A is the main open computer lab and is available to students, faculty and staff holding a current USCA ID card. The lab is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

2. B&E 236A is primarily designated as the OneCarolina Training Room, but is available for reservation and use by students, faculty and staff, during normal business hours, when OneCarolina training is not already scheduled.

3. B&E 238E, B&E 238F and HSS 106 are designated as classrooms first, but are available for reservation and use by students, faculty and staff, during normal business hours, when other activities are not already scheduled.

b. Scheduling of Computer Classrooms and Labs for Classes on the Master Class Schedule

1. As the USCA Master Class Schedule is being developed B&E 238E, B&E 238F, and H&SS 106 are scheduled by department chairs with the Registrar in the same manner as other classrooms. Once the class schedule has been established, CSD manages the non-scheduled time slots for these rooms.

. B&E 236A is primarily designated as a OneCarolina Training Room. The Registrar must coordinate with CSD before scheduling any classes in this room.

. B&E 238A is designated as the main open computer lab and cannot be scheduled for classes or reserved.

c. Reservation of Computer Classrooms and Labs

i. Existing activities scheduled in the computer classrooms and labs have priority over new requests made for time slots already scheduled. However, in cases of overlapping requests, CSD will make every effort to resolve scheduling conflicts.

ii. Requests to reserve available computer classrooms and labs must be submitted via the web form located at:\help-desk\forms\reservations This page also includes a listing of the resources available in each room.

iii. Requests to reserve computer classrooms and labs must be submitted at least three working days in advance.

iv. Students may request reservations of computer classrooms and labs through their professors and advisors.

v. If a classroom or lab is scheduled for a time after normal business hours or on days the Help Desk is not open, the individual reserving the room is responsible for arranging access with Public Safety.

vi. Requests for reservations will be prioritized in the following order (exceptions may occur at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor of Information Technology):

1. Classes scheduled on USCA's Master Class Schedule

2. Scheduled periodic class meetings scheduled by professors (Professors are encouraged to plan ahead and submit room requests prior to start of the semester.)

3. University sponsored events

4. Training classes

5. Continuing Education Classes

6. All other requests

III.  Related Policies

IV.  Reason for Revision

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