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AFCMN   109


Facilities   Management


Facility   Access for Physically-Challenged Persons


March   29, 2010

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 I. Policy

The University of South Carolina Aiken is committed to diversity and a campus culture of inclusion that is necessary for a rich learning environment and essential in preparing students to work, live and contribute to in an increasingly complex society. As part of this effort, the University is committed to the full inclusion of individuals with disabilities and continually improving the accessibility of our campus, programs and activities.

II. Procedure

To this end, USCA will require all architectural firms bidding on USCA facilities projects to have demonstrated competence in designing facilities which are conveniently accessible to all persons, regardless of disabilities. That is, buildings at USCA should exceed the minimum physical disability access requirements of the state and federal statutes so that each new building is designed for ease of entry at all entrances and that, wherever possible, no steps leading to entrances be employed. At least one entrance in all existing buildings should be barrier-free with an automatic door-opening mechanism. Elevators and/or lifts should be readily accessible and conveniently located in each building. All buildings should be annually reviewed by the University Planning Committee with representation from physically-challenged students and/or faculty and results reported to the Faculty Assembly.

III.  Related Policies

IV.  Reason for Revision

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