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Policies and Procedures




Facilities Management


Operation and Maintenance of Physical Plant


March 29, 2010

Issued by:

Senior University Facilities Executive

Authorized by:

Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance/CFO



I.  Policy:          
The purpose of this policy is to establish facility related guidelines required to maintain quality work, study, recreation and leisure areas for students, faculty and staff. 

a.  Use of Sidewalks:  Sidewalks should be used to get around the campus. Healthy grass, shrubs and ground cover are needed to hold the sandy soil in place and to help beautify the campus. In addition, use of the sidewalks limits the amount of dirt and debris that is tracked into campus facilities, extending the life of floor coverings. Use of sidewalks reflects respect for campus facilities and results in improved landscaping and building condition. 
b.  Littering:  Trash and recycle receptacles are provided in strategic locations throughout the campus. All students, faculty and staff are expected to use the receptacles and are encouraged to help keep our grounds looking neat by picking up litter and disposing of it in the nearest trash receptacle or recycle receptacle as appropriate.  Littering detracts from the appearance of the campus.  Everyone has the responsibility to pitch in to keep it clean.

c.  Cafeterias: Cafeteria users are expected to buss their own trash and return their trays to the tray carts. 

d.  Gyms: Gym shoes only must be worn on the floor (without floor cover), and the soles of the gym shoes must be clean. Street shoes may be worn on the floor when the floor cover is in place. 

e.  Maintenance and Repair Requests:  All general maintenance and repair requests should be submitted using Form 21. Form 21 is available in hard copy or preferably on the Internet at  

These requests should be forwarded to the Operations Department for action. Emergency requests should be reported by telephone to the Operations Office, extension 3452, during normal working hours and to Security, extension 6111, at all other times. The following information is required when making such requests: Building name and room number or area description, the nature of the problem or need, (including sketch when required for a special event set up), when the room or area will be available to be worked on, the name of the person making the request, and the date of the request. Maintenance and repair requests should not given directly to maintenance, grounds or housekeeping staff. 
f.  Housekeeping:  Housekeeping cleaning schedules involving main corridors, cafeterias, rest rooms, and locker rooms are addressed daily. Classrooms, offices, and conference rooms are addressed two to three times a week as time permits. The following restrictions are required to ensure this cleaning schedule can be maintained:

1.  Eating and drinking in classrooms, seminar rooms, conference rooms and auditoriums is discouraged.
2.  Animals are not allowed in any buildings with the exception of Seeing Eye dogs and laboratory animals unless senior administration approval has been given on a case by case basis.
3.  Bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles are not permitted inside buildings. Roller blades and skateboards may not be worn or ridden inside buildings, with the exception of the SAC Gym when approved by the Athletic Director.

g.  Alcoholic Beverages:  Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on campus except as authorized by the Chancellor and in accordance with South Carolina Law and ABC Commission Regulations. The consumption of alcoholic beverages in University vehicles is strictly prohibited. For additional information concerning alcoholic beverage policy, see University of South Carolina Policy and Procedures Manual, Staff 3.02.

II.  Procedures

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IV.  Reason for Revision

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