Front Entrance of UofSC Aiken


Policies and Procedures

Number: AFCMN 104
Section: Facilities Management
Subject: University Keys
Revision Date: March 30, 2010
Issued by: Senior University Facilities Executive
Authorized by: Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance/CFO




I. General

A. USC Aiken uses the Best Key Lock System. The system consists of individual lock keys, sub-masters, and masters. Keys are made and managed by the Operations Department. Keys are distributed and collected by the USC Aiken Maintenance Division.

II. Key Requests

A. USCA Key Request Forms are submitted to the Operations Department. Proper key control is critical to campus security and keys will only be issued after receipt of a completed USCA Key Request Form with the appropriate signatures. Requests for individual lock keys require the signature of the individual's immediate supervisor and Department or Unit Head. Requests for sub-master and master keys are strongly discouraged, and require the signature of the individual's immediate supervisor and the appropriate Vice Chancellor. For people working directly for the Chancellor, the Chancellor's signature is required.

III. Key Distribution

A. Keys being issued to full-time faculty and staff must be picked-up from and returned to the Maintenance Division at the Facilities and Auxiliary Services Building (650 Trolley Line Road, Graniteville SC) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00 PM. The Maintenance Division will maintain a file of key request forms documenting keys issued and returned. The file will document the key number, what the key is for, who received/returned the key, the signature of the person being issued/returning the key and date, and the signature of the Maintenance Division representative validating the return.

B. The full-time faculty or staff person that will be using the key must sign for the key in the log.

C. Issuing Keys to students, part-time employees and adjunct faculty is strongly discouraged. However, Unit/Department Heads can request, sign for and be responsible for keys that are to be used by part-time employees and students that require a key to effectively perform their duties. A Unit/Department file, (like the one maintained by the Maintenance Division for full time faculty and staff), should be used to document part-time employee or student key status.

D. All keys issued are subject to periodic audit.

III. Key Returns.

A. Keys issued to full-time faculty or staff must be returned to the Maintenance Division as a part of the checkout procedure or anytime the key is no longer required. Part-time employee or student keys must be returned to the issuing Unit/Department when the key is no longer required by person receiving it. The individual who signed for the key must return the key and sign the appropriate key return paperwork. Full-time faculty and staff will receive a copy of the original USCA Key Request Form with validation by the Maintenance Division representative receiving the key that the key has been returned. Unit/Departments should develop a similar return validation system for part-time employees and students.

IV. Responsibility for Key Control.

A. Each individual issued a key is responsible for control of that key. Immediate supervisors are responsible to ensure subordinate keys are returned when the subordinate no longer requires them. Supervisors must ensure that all keys are returned to the Maintenance department.

B. The Maintenance Division will maintain the hard copy key file and a computerized database.

C. The Operations Department will maintain a master computerized database documenting key assignment and the overall keying system, and a key locker. The Operations Division will also be responsible for making and destroying keys, and for documenting those actions.

V. Lost Keys.

A. Lost keys must be reported to USCA Public Safety as soon as possible once the loss is discovered. Requests to replace lost keys must be submitted using a USCA Key Request Form with all of the originally required signatures and a detailed explanation concerning the loss. Lost keys will be replaced at a cost of $25.00 for each individual lock key and $50.00 each for all other keys unless an Associate Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor or the Chancellor grants a waiver. If a key is lost and the department/ building has to be re-keyed, then cost to re-key that building will be absorbed by the associated department.