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March 15, 2010

Issued by:

Senior University Facilities Executive

Authorized by:

Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance/CFO



 I. Policy  

a. USC Aiken Operations Department and USC Columbia Transportation Services are responsible for all University vehicles, including minor maintenance.  University vehicles are property of the State of South Carolina and guidelines for use of such vehicles, found in the South Carolina Division of Motor Vehicle Management Manual, apply.

b. Only licensed drivers with an acceptable driving record may operate University vehicles.  Prior to operating any campus sedan or truck, drivers must complete a fleet user orientation session and have their driving record screened by EHS Manager.  To accomplish the latter, the prospective driver shall complete a license screening request form (TS-100), available on the Operations web-site. This form, which grants the University permission to access the individual's driving record, should be submitted to the Environmental Health and Safety Manager who will also assist with scheduling attendance at an orientation session. 

c. In addition to satisfying the above requirements, individuals who drive a University mini-bus or 15 passenger van must first successfully complete a van driver safety course, including an on-hands element to demonstrate safe handling of the vehicle.  Drivers of the 15 passenger van must be at least 21 years of age.  

d. The Environmental Health and Safety Manager shall maintain an active list of all authorized drivers.

II. Procedures

a.  University vehicles are available on a first come first serve basis and are to be used for official business only. Vehicles may be reserved by calling the Operations Department (extension 3452) to check on availability and then submitting a USCA Vehicle Reservation Request (Form 13/20) prior to the actual travel date.  This form, available on the Operations web-site, should normally be submitted at least two weeks prior to the expected date of travel.  Reservations are considered final when a Form 13/20 is received by the Operations Department with all required information and signatures. Times of use specified on the Form 13/20 must be followed since all other reservations are based on this information.

b. Use Restrictions  

1.  State-owned vehicles are not to be used for personal business, and may not be taken home overnight. Family riders are not allowed unless they are also on official University business.

2.  Smoking is not permitted in any University Vehicle.

3.  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in a University vehicle, unless permission for transport of such items has been granted by the Chancellor.

4.  All drivers and passengers in a University vehicle must be wearing a seat belt any time the vehicle is in motion.

5.  Any violation of University regulations may result in the loss of University vehicle use privileges for the organization and/or the person's) involved in the violation. Vehicle damage caused by the driver or passengers is the responsibility of the driver as is any damage to the vehicle and/or personal injury resulting from a violation of University policy regarding use of the vehicle.

6. Student representatives may use University vehicles for official business and special occasions in accordance with the above mentioned requirements and the following additional stipulations:

i.  Students traveling in a University vehicle outside of the Aiken, Augusta, Columbia area must be accompanied by a non-student USC Aiken employee and the name of that employee must appear on the Form 13/20 USCA Vehicle Reservation Request. 

ii.  Students may not transport other students unless the driver is under the direct supervision of a member of the USC Aiken faculty, staff or administration. Exceptions to this provision are allowed at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor for Student Services or the Chancellor.

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IV.  Reason for Revision

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