Front Entrance of UofSC Aiken


Policies and Procedures

Number: AFCMN 111
Section: Facilities Management
Subject: Asbestos Management
Revision Date: March 15, 2010
Issued by: Senior University Facilities Executive


It is the policy of USC Aiken to regard presumed asbestos containing materials (PACM) to in fact be asbestos containing material (ACM), in the absence of sampling data that indicates otherwise.

Building materials that will be considered PACM include, but are not limited to:

  • i. Thermal Insulation - Pipe Insulation, Boiler Insulation, etc.
  • ii. Surfacing Materials - Plaster, Paint, Spackling Compound, Stucco, Wall Joint Compound
  • iii. Spray-On Materials - Acoustic Ceiling Spray, Decorative Spray, Insulation Spray
  • iv. Roofing Materials - Asphalt Roofing Shingles, Roofing Felt Paper, Roof Flashing, Built-up Roofing, Slate Roofing Shingles
  • v. Flooring Materials - Floor Tiles, Vinyl Flooring, Linoleum, Terrazzo Tiles
  • vi. Cement Products - Cement Siding, Cement Piping
  • vii. Miscellaneous Materials - Ceiling Tiles, Floor Glue (Mastic), Gloves, Sealants, Packings, Gaskets, Vinyl Wall Paper, Lab Bench Tops & Aprons, Fire Blankets, Fire Doors, Theater & Welding Curtains

Unless noted otherwise in this policy, USC Aiken's Construction Project Manager will act on the behalf of the campus on all asbestos-related issues. 


The following procedures are followed when USC Aiken is directly responsible for managing a renovation or demolition project. The USC Aiken Project Manager is responsible for managing the project. If USC Campus Planning and Construction (CPC) is responsible for managing the project, then the assigned CPC project manager will ensure that the required asbestos surveys are completed prior to work.


  • a. Prior to beginning any demolition or renovation project, an asbestos survey will be conducted to determine the presence, location and quantity of asbestos containing material (ACM).
  • b. If an asbestos survey has been conducted within the 3 years, a new survey is not required.
  • c. Any request for a survey must be accompanied by a thorough scope of work, including a list of all building materials expected to be disturbed during the course of the project.
  • d. Asbestos surveys may be requested by faxing or emailing a work request to USC Facility Services Work Control office. A work request may be initiated by phone @ (803) 777-4217; however, phone requests must be accompanied by forwarding written information specified in 2(c) above.
  • e. Asbestos surveys may also be conducted by outside contractors. The contractor must be provided with written documentation specified in 2(c).


Any maintenance work that may disturb presumed asbestos containing materials (PACM), such as joint compound, pipe insulation, mastics, floor tiles, textured ceilings or spray-applied fireproofing, plaster  and  sheetrock will be evaluated prior to beginning work.  The purpose of the evaluation is to determine the likelihood of ACM disturbance during work.

If sampling data is available (i.e. previous sample results or building surveys), these may be used to make the determination.

If sampling data is not available, evaluations may be requested by faxing or emailing a work request to USC Facility Services.  Requests must be accompanied by a thorough description of building materials that may be disturbed during the course of work.   If Facility Services' workload does not permit a timely response, outside contractors may be used to sample suspect materials.

If it is determined that ACM will be disturbed, or is likely to be disturbed, the work must be conducted in accordance with OSHA and SC DHEC regulations.  Only trained, authorized personnel may conduct this type of work.


Any work that involves the disturbance or likely disturbance of ACM or PACM must be conducted by trained, authorized personnel and in accordance with OSHA and SC DHEC regulations.

If USC Aiken is responsible for managing regulated asbestos work performed by outside contractors, an Asbestos Work Notification Form must be completed and faxed to USC Environmental Health and Safety prior to beginning work.  The purpose of the Asbestos Work Notification System is to allow EHS an opportunity to review proposed work that may potentially disturb ACM or PACM and to audit job site procedures for compliance.

If non-compliance items are identified during a compliance audit, the Assistant Chancellor for Facilities Management will be responsible for ensuring corrective actions are implemented.

Prior to a contractor beginning such work, the contractor must be notified in writing of the presence, location and quantity of ACM/PACM.  This can be done by providing a copy of relevant surveys/sampling data, accompanied by a cover letter.  (This is CPC responsibility if they have management responsibility over the project).

When regulated work is conducted in an occupied building, building occupants and other contractors working  adjacent to regulated work must be notified of the nature and duration of work.



  • a. The installation of new building materials that contain greater than 1% asbestos, by weight, is prohibited.
  • b. For all new construction, a written statement will be obtained by the designing architect and/or contractor that verifies that new construction materials contain less than 1% asbestos, by weight.
  • c. Future disturbance of materials verified in this manner are not required to be surveyed prior to disturbance.




  • a. All contractors involved in regulated asbestos work must have the appropriate training required by OSHA and/or SC DHEC.
  • b. The Environmental Health and Safety Manager will be responsible for the University's asbestos awareness training program to include, at a minimum, maintaining training records and coordinating and scheduling annual asbestos awareness training for the following personnel:
  • i. All maintenance and custodial supervisors and staff employed by USC Aiken
  • ii. Any personnel responsible for managing renovation/demolition contracts