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AENR 106

Policies and Procedures


AENR 106


Enrollment Services


Awarding Procedures – 2% Fee Waivers


March 18, 2010

Issued by:

Director of Financial Aid

Authorized by:

Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management


I. Policy

The 1988-89 State of South Carolina Appropriations Act enables public institutions of higher education to offer educational fee waivers to undergraduate students in an amount based on two percent of the prior year's tuition revenue. The two percent calculation is determined yearly by multiplying the prior academic year's (fall & spring) undergraduate enrollment, reduced for bonded indebtedness times two percent. USC Aiken has established a base program funded in the amount of $56,000. For the purpose of this policy, an educational fee waiver will be called a "tuition award."

The basic tuition award program at USC Aiken is a component of the Chancellor's and Dean's scholarship programs. Private donations fund year 1 of the Chancellor's and Dean's Scholarships and the tuition award will fund years 2, 3 & 4. This, in combination, provides a total of 8-10 scholarship awards. The basic usage of the tuition award program will not change, as USC Aiken has chosen to use it for long term commitments to exceptional entering freshmen. These tuition awards also fund the USC Aiken Valedictorian Scholarships at an amount of $5000.00 each year, up to a total of four years. The funding supports 3-8 scholarships each academic year.

Any usage of tuition awards generated beyond the "basic" program as a result of an increase in tuition revenues will be reviewed annually by the Business Services Office,  Office of Financial Aid , Admissions Office and Honors and Awards Committee. Excess revenue usage will be modified each year as is necessary to meet the recruiting needs of the campus. Examples of such usage are: to increase the pool of underrepresented majors, to secure early admission commitments from high school scholars or specially talented students, to attract outstanding transfer students for specific majors, etc.; to assist in the recruitment of academically superior and specially talented students; to provide an additional source of student aid based on the student's unmet financial need; to accomplish desegregation and affirmative action objectives and in consideration for University service.

Both the basic and additional tuition award programs (dollar amount and planned usage) will be incorporated into the annual USC Aiken operating budget, and as such, be presented to the Board of Trustees as a line item in the budget for their approval.

II.  Procedure

This process is reviewed timely by the appropriate USC Aiken officials. For details on the awarding process and eligibility conditions refer to Policy AENR 105

III.  Related Policies

See also AENR 105

III.  Reason for Revision