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ACEA 102

Policies and Procedures


ACEA   102


Classified Employees Assembly


Classified Employees Assembly Bylaws and Constitution


March 1, 2010

Reviewed on:


Issued by:

CEA Executive Committee

Authorized by:

CEA Executive Committee


I.  Policy

The Classified Employees of the Year will be selected on an annual basis to recognize outstanding classified employees at USCA. The four employees selected will receive a cash award and will be recognized at the Annual University Honors and Awards Convocation. Four Classified Employees will be selected. In addition, there will be one award for Community Service and one for University Service. (At the present time no funds have been allocated for the Community or University Service awards.)

a. Guidelines:

1. The criteria for selecting the four Classified Employees of the Year are as follows:

i. Must be employed by USCA for 2 years by January 1 of the award year

ii. Diligence and initiative in their work

iii. Cooperation with co-workers, students, etc.

iv. This award will be based on Jan. 1 - Dec. 31 of the previous year only 

2. Community Service criteria:

i. Must be employed by USCA for 2 years by January 1 of the award year

ii. Name of organization, position held, and dates

iii. Contributions (not monetary) to the organization 

3. University Service criteria:

i. Must be employed by USCA for 2 years by January 1 of the award year

ii. This award is to be based on services rendered during any period while employed by USCA

iii. Dedication to USCA (positive approach to USCA life)

iv. Service outside of immediate job duties (examples): committee memberships, volunteers for special USCA functions and events, and student activities

v. Significantly helps to enhance the image of USCA 

vi. Employees are not eligible for the same nomination for 2 years after receiving a cash award. Furthermore, employees are only eligible to win in one category a year.

vii. If a suitable nominee is not found, the above awards may not be given.

II.  Procedure

a. Nominations may come from any source other than self-nominations. Nominations are limited to one per award, therefore it is allowable for an individual to nominate up to four employees for Classified Employee of the Year, one for Community Service, and one for University Service.

b. The classified Employees Awards Committee will consist of the CEA Advisory Committee Members and one member appointed by the Executive Committee who will serve as a non-voting member to provide guidance to the committee.  This member will be knowledgeable of the award process.  The appointed person will be a CEA of the Year award recipient from the previous two years, therefore, being ineligible to receive the award.  If a member of the Advisory Committee is nominated for the CEA of the Year award, the Chair of the CEA will appoint another voting member (from the recipients of the previous two years).  If the Chair of the CEA is nominated for the award, the remaining non-nominated Executive Committee members will appoint voting member(s) if necessary.

c. The call for nominations, along with the name of the non-voting member, will be sent out to the campus the fourth Friday in January.  Nominations will be accepted through the second Friday in February and should be delivered to the Non-Voting member of the Awards Committee.  Nomination forms may be obtained through the CEA web page and will also be available in various locations around campus for those who do not have access to a computer.  Nomination forms will include the nominee's name and department along with the nominators' original signature.   Only official nomination forms will be accepted.

d.  The Non-Voting Member will receive and review the first two (2) nomination forms.  If more than two (2) nomination forms have been received for any one individual, the phrase "This individual has received more than two (2) nomination forms" will be placed on that individuals forms that the committees will review.

e.  The nomination forms will be reviewed by the non-voting CEA Awards Committee member and the Human Resource Director to make sure they meet the following criteria prior to being forwarded to the Employee Awards Committee for their selections: 

1.  Candidate must be an employee of USCA for two (2) years by January 1 of the award year.  (Example: the call goes out in January 2007 for CEA of the Year for 2006.  An employee would have to be employed by January 1, 2004 to be considered eligible.)   

2.  No employee who has received an award may be considered for the same award for two (2) years.

f.  Nominees will be notified in writing and asked to submit a description of their job responsibilities and have their immediate supervisor submit a letter of support. 

The statement from the nominee will include a brief job description and any accomplishments that pertain to their job duties.  The letter will have a minimum of 100 words, but no more than 250 words.

The supervisor letter will include a detailed description of the employee's performance.  The letter may also include any accomplishments pertaining to employee's job and how the employee exemplifies the values of the University (collegiality, character, citizenship and a high quality learning environment). This letter should be no more than 250 words.  The notifications will include a deadline for these descriptions, and letters of support which will allow ample time for the completion of the awarding process. 

g.  The nominee's statement, the supervisor's letter and nomination form(s) of the remaining nominee's will then be forwarded to the Employee Awards Committee who will choose no more than four (4) Classified Employees of the Year Recipients.   All decisions will be unbiased and there will be no influences on their decisions based upon the candidates department, title, age, race, or sex.  It is the responsibility of the Awards Committee to make all selections fair by using their best judgment in making these decisions.

Candidates will be rated on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the strongest.  The Awards Committee will rate the candidates individually and separately from each other.  Upon completion of this process the non-voting member will tally the scores and meet with the committee to discuss the results. If the results conclude that there is a tie, the Awards Committee will make the final decision.

All decisions will be final.

III.  Related Policies

IV.  Reason for Revision

      Annual review