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Finance & Administration


Ticket Sales


March 1, 2010

Reviewed on:

August 1, 2013

Issued by:

Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration

Authorized by:

Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration


I. Policy

All tickets and monies derived from the sale of tickets for USC Aiken events where proceeds are deposited to any USC Aiken fund must be recorded, controlled and receipted by the Business Service Office.


II. Procedures 

For any campus functions or activities utilizing tickets except the Etherredge Center and Convocation Center tickets are to be logged in and out from the Business Services Office.

A log of sequentially numbered tickets will be maintained Business Services. Tickets will be signed in and out by the campus department.

A list indicating a name and address, ticket number (s) and ticket values, must be provided for any tickets issued as gratis. Students receiving free tickets must sign a log providing this information.

Money collected and tickets used must reconcile. Damaged and lost tickets must be accounted for.

Departments using automated or alternative ticketing and receipting processes must meet University standards for internal and audit control. Any non standard process must be reviewed, documented, and authorized by the Business Services Office.

Receipts for ticket sales are brought to the Business Services Office daily if total amount on hand exceeds $50.00 but regardless of amount must be deposited with Business Services at least once a week.( See also USCA Policy 307) Detailed receipting procedures are given in USC policy BUSF 4.10.

III.  Related Policies

IV.  Reason for Revision

      Annual review