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Pacer Shoppe


March 1, 2010

Reviewed on:

August 1, 2013

Issued by:

Director of Pacer Shoppe

Authorized by:

Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration


I.  Course Material Adoptions – The Pacer Shoppe will adhere to the provisions set by the Higher Education Opportunity Act by making required and recommended textbook and course material information including ISBN and retail price available on its internet.

     a.   Textbooks and Course Materials

i.  The bookstore will provide a password to a secure online website with historical adoption information (when available) within two working days of the campus aster schedule being posted to VIP.

ii.  Faculty members or designee will submit reliable and accurate information for all required and optional textbooks and materials for each course taught per semester no later than two working days prior to the semester pre-registration date set forth by the University.

iii.  All course packets that contain copyrighted materials must be approved through a copyright clearance center before they may be sold in the Pacer Shoppe.

b. Desk Copies – The Pacer Shoppe will provide contact information for any publisher from which a faculty member requires a desk copy.  In emergency circumstances, the bookstore will provide a desk copy up to 10 days.  A Purchase Requisition Form must be submitted to the bookstore and signed by the department head before release of said desk copy.


II.  Refunds & Exchanges

     a. Textbooks and Course Materials

i. The Pacer Shoppe will offer a full refund or exchange during the first five (5) days of the Fall and Spring semesters.  Refund/exchange period for Maymester will be two (2) days from and including the first day of class.  Refund/exchange period of Summer I & II will be three (3) days from and including the first day of class.

ii.    In the case a student withdraws from the university or drops a class, the bookstore will adhere to the dates and percent for refunds as set forth by the university.

iii.    An original cash register receipt is required for return. It must be dated no earlier than four weeks before the start of classes.

iv.    New textbooks must be in perfect condition and free from the following: bent corners, writing, stains, pencil markings, book bag scuffing, and broken spines.

v.    Items that are shrink-wrapped are non-returnable if they are opened.

vi.    Refunds will be given back in the same form of payment received.

b.   Other merchandise

i.    Clothing, school supplies, and gift items may be returned 14 days from date of original purchase.  An original cash register receipt is required.

ii.    Software, printer supplies, and all electronics are non-returnable.  Exchanges will be made if the merchandise is defective.

iii.    Food, snacks, and beverages may be exchanged only if the merchandise is defective.

III.       Book Buyback

a.   Textbook buyback will be conducted during final exams of each semester.

b.   Textbooks purchased through the campus store will be bought back during the first three (3) days of buyback.  Textbooks not purchased through the campus store may be sold back during the fourth and fifth day of buyback.

c.    Fifty percent of the retail price of the textbook as listed in the Pacer Shoppe database will be given. This percentage is based on whether the book was purchased new or used and meets the following criteria:

i.    The textbook has been requested by the instructor for the upcoming semester.

ii.    The book is in sellable condition; no broken cover, missing or torn pages, excessive highlighting or marking, offensive marks, stains, water damage, or missing CD.

iii.    Loose leaf course materials, study guides, and texts that require online access codes are not resalable and are not eligible for buyback.

iv.    The Pacer Shoppe will not buy back complimentary copies or stolen textbooks.

The Pacer Shoppe adheres to the USC System Policy that it is unethical for any faculty or staff member to sell examination or desk copies to the


IV.  Related Policies


V.  Reason for Revision

     Desk copies are now on hand for seven days.