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Meal Plans for Students in Housing


March 1, 2010

Revised on:

August 1, 2013

Issued by:

Director of Campus Support

Authorized by:

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration


I. Policy

Residents of university housing are required to participate in a campus meal plan. As part of their housing information and contract, all university housing residents will be provided with a list of the meal plan options available to them in meeting the mandatory requirement. If a student, parent, or legal guardian does not want a student to participate in the plan designated for the student based upon academic level, they may appeal to be released from the meal plan.


II.  Procedure

The appeal shall be in writing to the Director of Campus Support Services and must clearly state the reason(s) with appropriate justification or documentation for the requested release. Appeals will be accepted through the end of the third week of classes in each major semester. The appeal may be based upon, but not limited to, the following situations:  financial hardship, dietary restrictions, meals provided by an employer, or work schedule.

a. The appeal shall be acted upon and a written response forwarded to the appellant with copies to the appropriate USC Aiken departments.

b. Should the appellant not agree with the ruling, they may petition the vice chancellor for finance and administration for review and a final determination.

c. Petitions shall be made within ten working days of the receipt of the written response from the director of campus support services.  


III.  Related Policies


IV.  Reason for Revision

Annual review