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Policies and Procedures




Finance & Administration




March 1, 2010

Revised on:

August 1, 2013

Issued by:

Director of Campus Support Services

Authorized by:

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration


I. Printing and Photocopying Policies

a. Convenience Copiers (1-50 copies): These are the copiers that are located in various administrative areas and usually are used by multiple departments. The machines are operated by a control pad hat tracks department and individual usage.  Users are billed at the rate of five cents per black and white copy and fifteen cents per color copy. This cost includes paper.

b. Copy Center: Located in the Supply and Maintenance Building, Room 108 houses a wide format printer, color copier, and a high speed copier that is recommended for printing jobs in excess of 50 copies. The price schedule can be found here.

c. USC Printing: USC Aiken has an agreement with USC Printing to provide a wide range of printing and duplicating services. A price list for services can be found here. Jobs that cannot be printed by USC Printing can be procured from an outside source.

d. Outside Vendors: Printing services not readily available from USC Printing may be obtained from local printing companies. Departments must work with the Office of External Affairs to design the publication and obtain printing estimates.

 II.  Procedures

a. Convenience Copiers: For paper, submit a completed Purchase Requisitions to the Copy Center. To add/delete an operator code, please call the Copy Center at ext 3253. Some departmental administrative assistants may also have the ability to edit accounts.

b. For Service: Please call the XEROX service number located on the copier (1.800.821.2797). Be sure to have the machine serial number available when calling. The machine’s serial number can be obtained by pressing “Machine Status,” “Machine Information” on the copier keypad.

c. Copy Center: Prepare a Request for Photocopying form and deliver both copies along with material to be duplicated to the Copy Center. Requests can also be made via email.  Instructions can be obtained by contacting the Copy Center or the Purchasing Office.

Material will generally be processed as received or prioritized on an as-need basis. Please call to schedule; turnaround time will normally be 24 business hours, but can often be completed sooner.

The Copy Center will process “copy ready” material on 8.5”x11” or 8.5”*14” white 20lb bond paper.  Some color paper selections are available.  Please call for details.

d. USC Printing

i. Complete Printing Request Form:  Keep the last copy (goldenrod) for department files. The canary copy be will returned showing the charges.

ii. Pick-up and Delivery: Jobs will be delivered via University shuttle service. If you have any questions concerning service or turn-around, please call USC Printing at 7-5146.  Completed jobs will be delivered along with the normal materials deliveries

e.  Quick-Copy Jobs: Departments with frequent volume copy jobs may set up a blanket printing order. Submit a Printing Request indicating the beginning and ending date of the blanket order. Charges will only be billed at the end of the designated period. To use the blanket order, you will use the Blanket Order Printing Request form.

f. Electronic Submission: Departments with frequent volume copy jobs should work with the Office of External Affairs and the Purchasing Office to submit their work electronically to USC Printing. One-color (black ink only) copy jobs can be submitted to the Docutech printer at USC Printing. Other copy/printing jobs can be submitted on disc or hard copy.

g. Other: The Office of External Affairs will assist departments as needed with layout and design as well as consultation. All publications and material intended for external audiences must be submitted to the Office of External Affairs for review prior to printing. Office of External Affairs (Pickens-Salley House) ext. 3560.

h. Confidential Materials: Confidential materials such as tests will be returned in shrink wrap with a confidential cover. Please note on the Printing Request form under “additional information” that this is confidential material. The request should be submitted in a sealed, confidential envelope addressed to USC Printing.

i. Letterhead, Envelopes, and Business Cards: The University has a standardized format for all letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. Generic USC Aiken letterhead can be obtained through the Copy Center, generic envelopes obtained through Forms & Supply, and business cards can be purchased and printed through USC Printing or through state contract. To order departmental letterhead, please complete a Printing Request form and attach a sample with the correct information.  USC Printing will fax you a proof to review before printing if there are any changes.  Departments must use the regular Printing Request form, not a blanket order.

j. Paper Samples: Paper sample books are available for review in the Copy Center and the Office of External Affairs.

k. Helpful Hints: Blanket orders for printing should only be used by those departments that do high volume copying (four jobs per month).  To eliminate unnecessary paperwork, blanket orders should be set up for six or 12-month periods. The Printing Request forms may be handwritten.  Please make sure that all copies of the form are legible. If you need a cost breakdown for a particular job, use the regular Printing Request form. Jobs that require additional services such as binding, folding, pre-press, etc. may require additional time.  Please call USC Printing at ext 7-5146 if you have questions.  When sending material via inter-office mail, please clearly identify whether you are sending to USC Printing or to the USC Aiken Copy Center.

III.  Related Policies

IV.   Reason for Revision