Family at graduation

Be Informed

Parent and Family Relations

Beginning college (or beginning again!) is an exciting time for students. It is also an exciting – and sometimes stressful – time for parents and families. You will be supporting your student in a variety of ways and we are here to help.

You may know that USC Aiken provides a summer two-day orientation for incoming first year and one-day orientation for transfer students. Did you know that we also provide separate orientation programming for parents and family members? You will have a slightly separate schedule than your student so that all parties get a glimpse of opportunities that await our students at USC Aiken.  Orientation is fun as well as informative and we hope that you will add one of the four orientation sessions to your summer schedule.

Is your student enrolling for the first time in January?  No worries!  We provide a shortened version of our summer orientation for those who are joining us for spring term. 

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