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Rental Cars

Department of Operations

We are implementing some additional cost-saving initiatives, specifically related to the usage of university vehicles.

To cut maintenance, insurance, and operating costs--while still providing reliable and accessible transportation for university business--we will phase out our three, high-mileage sedans and transition to a rental agreement with Enterprise.

Beginning June 1, whenever you need a vehicle for university-related travel, you will reserve your vehicle directly through Enterprise.

Specifically, under this rental model, each department will be responsible for securing their rental vehicles with Enterprise Rental Car located in Aiken. After June 1, our three sedans will no longer be available.  The vans and busses we currently have in our fleet inventory will still be available for use; there is no change to the reservation process for these vehicles.

To make reservations for rental vehicles, visit Enterprise.

In advance of your trip, Enterprise will deliver the vehicle you’ve reserved to the Supply and Maintenance Facility. At the end of your trip, just bring the vehicle back to the Supply and Maintenance Facility, and Enterprise will come to get it.

If you need roadside assistance at any point during your travel, Enterprise will assist in getting both you and the car back to campus safely. The number to call for roadside assistance will be in your rental vehicle.

For planning purposes, Enterprise charges 0.375 cents per mile for the first hundred miles. Beyond that, the rate varies depending on distance and type of vehicle. Additionally, the website offers a calculator to determine if it would be more cost-effective to drive your car using current mileage rates.

This approach provides multiple benefits:

  • reduces costs for insurance, maintenance, and labor;
  • increases vehicle reliability;
  • provides prompt roadside assistance and;
  • offers a variety of vehicles from which to choose.