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Key Policy and Request

Department of Operations

USC Aiken uses the Best Key Lock System. The system consists of individual lock keys, sub-masters, and masters. Keys are made and managed by the Operations Department. Keys are distributed and collected by the USC Aiken Maintenance Division.

Key Requests

  • Key Request Forms are submitted to the Operations Department.
  • Proper key control is critical to campus security and keys will only be issued after receipt of a completed USCA Key Request Form with the appropriate signatures.
  • Requests for individual lock keys require the signature of the individual's immediate supervisor and Department or Unit Head.
  • Requests for sub-master and master keys are strongly discouraged, and require the signature of the individual's immediate supervisor and the appropriate Vice Chancellor.
  • For people working directly for the Chancellor, the Chancellor's signature is required.

Key Distribution

  • Keys being issued to full-time faculty and staff must be picked-up from and returned to the Maintenance Division at the Facilities and Auxiliary Services Building (650 Trolley Line Road, Graniteville SC) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00 PM.
  • The Maintenance Division will maintain a file of key request forms documenting keys issued and returned. The file will document the key number, what the key is for, who received/returned the key, the signature of the person being issued/returning the key and date, and the signature of the Maintenance Division representative validating the return.
  • The full-time faculty or staff person that will be using the key must sign for the key in the log.
  • Issuing Keys to students, part-time employees and adjunct faculty is strongly discouraged. However, Unit/Department Heads can request, sign for and be responsible for keys that are to be used by part-time employees and students that require a key to effectively perform their duties.
  • A Unit/Department file, (like the one maintained by the Maintenance Division for full time faculty and staff), should be used to document part-time employee or student key status.
  • All keys issued are subject to periodic audit.

Key Returns

  • Keys issued to full-time faculty or staff must be returned to the Maintenance Division as a part of the checkout procedure or anytime the key is no longer required.
  • Part-time employee or student keys must be returned to the issuing Unit/Department when the key is no longer required by person receiving it.
  • The individual who signed for the key must return the key and sign the appropriate key return paperwork.
  • Full-time faculty and staff will receive a copy of the original USCA Key Request Form with validation by the Maintenance Division representative receiving the key that the key has been returned.
  • Unit/Departments should develop a similar return validation system for part-time employees and students.

Responsibility for Key Control

  • Each individual issued a key is responsible for control of that key. Immediate supervisors are responsible to ensure subordinate keys are returned when the subordinate no longer requires them.
  • Supervisors must ensure that all keys are returned to the Maintenance department.
  • The Maintenance Division will maintain the hard copy key file and a computerized database.
  • The Operations Department will maintain a master computerized database documenting key assignment and the overall keying system, and a key locker.
  • The Operations Division will also be responsible for making and destroying keys, and for documenting those actions.

Lost Keys

  • Lost keys must be reported to USCA Public Safety as soon as possible once the loss is discovered.
  • Requests to replace lost keys must be submitted using a USCA Key Request Form with all of the originally required signatures and a detailed explanation concerning the loss.
  • Lost keys will be replaced at a cost of $25.00 for each individual lock key and $50.00 each for all other keys unless an Associate Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor or the Chancellor grants a waiver.
  • If a key is lost and the department/ building has to be re-keyed, then cost to re-key that building will be absorbed by the associated department.