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Lectures, Multimedia and Yuja

Office of Distance Learning

Introducing Yuja

The Office of Distance Learning is excited to introduce the Yuja Enterprise Video Platform to USC Aiken. Yuja (pronounced ‘You-jah’) is a software tool that includes lecture capture, video management, and video conferencing solutions, along with social and mobile capabilities that impressively expands USC Aiken’s potential to create accessible video content and offer online learners engaging and collaborative experiences that integrate within Blackboard.

What can you use Yuja for?

Yuja will serve as USC Aiken’s primary video lecture capture solution but it also has other features like video conferencing, opportunities for discussion, integrating polls and quizzes into Blackboard, group functionality, analytics, and full mobile functionality. The Yuja tool is available for all USCA faculty, staff, and students who authenticate via Blackboard. If you have previously recorded video content you can import those videos and house them within your Yuja Media Library.

Why should I use Yuja?

Yuja meets ADA compatibility standards for video content. All you need to do is record using Yuja or import other recordings into your media library and request auto captioning. USCA students will also be able to record and share video content and Yuja offers full support via messaging, email, phone, and product documents.

How do I access Yuja?

Yuja is available in all Blackboard courses through the Tools link and is available for instructors and students.

The Office of Distance Learning will be conducting workshops and develop tutorials in the coming semesters to help new Yuja users utilize the tools and functionality now available at USC Aiken.  As this is a new technology, we would welcome consults with any instructors who are motivated to use Yuja for the summer and fall semesters. Yuja also has the ability to add ADA compatibility to previously recorded videos through drag and drop functions and requesting auto captioning. If you would like more information or a consult with an instructional designer on Yuja, please contact the Office of Distance Learning or learn more by clicking the following links.

Yuja Help:

Accessing Yuja

Login to Blackboard and choose a course you wish to access Yuja.

You can find Yuja through the tools link in the navigation or create your own button or access point using the tool link function in Blackboard.


Yuja Access

Support and Documentation

If you need help or are looking for Yuja information, click the noted icons for the support button. This will open a window to contact Yuja support and product documentation. This is your first line of support for Yuja. If you would like a consult, please contact a representative from the Office of Distance Learning for training on lecture capture and functionality.

 Yuja Support

Media Channels

The Yuja home page is your individual media channel. On the left, you can cycle through the USCA public and campus channels. Individual course channels are displayed via courses you have accessed through Yuja. As you can see, you are still in Blackboard so if you need to go back to your course click the home icon in the top left corner.

 Yuja Media Channel 1


More info on getting started watching captures and media.

Uploading Media

Users of the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform can upload files to the Media Library using the Upload feature or one-click drag-and-drop uploading.

Yuja Upload Media


You can upload a variety of file types, including MP4, MOV, or WMV video files or MP3 audio files, using one-click drag-and-drop technology, or by browsing to the desired file. The Upload interface also supports links, document uploads, and sharing files from Vimeo or YouTube. Uploaded files may be auto-captioned and accessed in the same way as a file created using the YuJa Software Station or YuJa Hardware Hub. For more information, click here.

Lecture Capture

Create Recording provides essential tools to access, install, and manage the YuJa Software Station and the YuJa Hardware Hub. Capture & Live Stream is accessible through the Create Recording option at the top of the screen.

Yuja provides two options for capture via software download or browser capture.

Yuja Capture


Download facilitates access to downloads of the YuJa Software Station for Mac or PC. Simply click the Download link and follow all installation prompts to download.

Software Capture facilitates access to and management of installations of the Software Station. Select the Software Capture option, then click Start Capture to open the Software Station. You can find more information about using the capture tools by watching YuJa’s Software Station video tutorials.

There are many more features associated with Yuja but we would like anyone interested to sign into Yuja and explore the tool. The Office of Distance Learning fully supports this tool along with the Yuja help desk so please take advantage of the support available to you at USA Aiken.

For more on managing your recordings, visit the  Yuja knowledgebase.

Additional information: Yuja Help Content or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Alternate Lecture Video Tools and Voice-Over PowerPoints

The Office of Distance Learning partners with the university's Instructional Services team to assist faculty with the development of audio/video lectures and other forms of multimedia. Our team consists of educators who can consult with you regarding instructional and pedagogical strategies for your lectures and other forms of multimedia. Uses our services includes assisting you in ensuring your multimedia is compliant with accessibility (ADA 508) and copyright.

The Office of Distance Learning can assist with training on various software applications (subscribed and free Web 2.0 tools) in creating multimedia and making content accessible.  Instructional Services offers services in studio and video production, sound system setup and maintenance, equipment reservations, laptop/LCD instruction, VHS to DVD/Cassette to CD, LDC install/setup and maintenance, digital media duplication, peer review video taping, and individual consultation.


Audio/Video Lecture Recording Option

  • MediaSite (contact the Office of Distance Learning for more information - free/site license)

  • Office Mix [free/site license]

  • TechSmith tools:

    • Jing (5 minutes max) [free]

    • [education price available]

    • Camtasia [education price available]

  • Web 2.0 Tools

  • Image Editors

    • Gimp - GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)

Multimedia Best Practices Resources