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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join SNA?

Secure membership by paying a one-time ten dollar fee! Payment should be given to our Treasurer to become an official member. Payments can be given at our SNA chapter meetings, held in the School of Nursing every fourth Monday of the month from 12-1.

What can SNA do for me?
Student Nurses' Association provides you connections with other nursing students, faculty, advisors, state representatives and more. You can learn and explore new leadership roles, collaborate with fellow nursing students on various projects and events, and discover something new about yourself. Student Nurses' Association can broaden your horizons and expose you to a world of nursing you never knew existed. 

What are the time commitments involved with SNA?
Monthly chapter meetings are held in the Nursing Building. These meetings usually last about an hour and provide students with important and useful information. SNA events vary from one semester to the next. Feel free to attend as many as desired.

How do I join NSNA?
To join, visit the National Student Nurses' Association website.