Group of SNA members posing together

Board Position Descriptions

Student Nurses' Association

Duties of the Officers and Directors

The President :

  • Preside at all regular and called meetings of the organization and all board meetings.
  • Appoint any special Ad Hoc committees necessary, subject to the approval of the Board of Officers.
  • Appoint a chairperson of all Ad Hoc committees with the approval of the Executive Board.
  • Serve as ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.
  • Represent USCA-SNA in matters relating to the association and perform all other duties pertaining to the office.
  • Serve as USCA-SNA representative to the SNA-SC Council of School Representatives.
  • Shall have the ability to delegate any tasks to other Executive Board members as they see fit. 

The Vice President : 

  • Assume the duties of the president in their absence, disability or vacancy.
  • Act in any advisory capacity to all committees.
  • Be responsible for program of meetings of the association.
  • Serve as co-chair for State Convention Committee.
  • Perform all duties as assigned by the President.

The President-Elect :

  • Be familiar with the affairs of USCA-SNA.
  • Perform duties as designated by the President.
  • Accompany the President in attending functions pertaining to SNA-SC and other affiliated associations.
  • Use the above duties to prepare and automatically and consecutively assume the position of the President upon completion of term.

The Secretary :

  • Record and distribute the minutes of all business meetings of the association and Executive Board.
  • Inform SNA-SC of all current programs and activities on a monthly basis.
  • Keep on file as permanent record all reports, papers, and documents submitted to the Secretary.
  • Perform all other duties assigned by the President or as usual to this office.
  • Provide a list of all officers’ contact information to each board member and to the SNA-SC Secretary.
  • Keep a register of all members for roll call and business purposes.
  • Conduct the general correspondence of the association and notify committees of their appointments as requested by the President or the Executive Board.
  • Refer to the duly appointed committees the necessary records for performance of their duties.
  • Sign with the President such organizational papers as they come into their executive and administrative spheres.

The Treasurer : 

  • Act as a custodian of organizational funds.
  • Keep accurate entries of acquisitions and disbursements of organization funds.
  • Prepare a report of the transactions of the Treasurer’s office to be submitted at each board meeting.
  • Keep a permanent record of all dues paid together with a registrar of all members in good standing as submitted at the annual convention.
  • Submit a financial report to the Executive Board at regular intervals and when requested to do so by any member of the Executive Board.
  • Communicate monthly with the faculty advisors.  All USCA-SC financial records are to be reviewed at the expiration of the Treasurer’s term with a written statement from the advisor of the review.  This review shall be submitted to the President.

The Legislative Director :

  • Promote political awareness among nursing students and plan legislative activities on a campus level.
  • Serve as the USCA-SNA liaison to the SNA-SC legislative committee.
  • Serve as chairperson of the Legislative Committee.
  • Serve as chairperson of the Bylaws Committee.

The Fundraising Director :

  • Serve as chairperson of the Fundraising Committee.
  • Keep complete records of all income and expenditures from fundraising projects.
  • Submit to the Treasurer all funds raised within one week after each event.

The Community Health Director :

  • Serve as chairperson of Community Health Committee.
  • Promote, plan, carry out and evaluate at least one community health activity in the surrounding community.
  • Keep records with signatures of those members participating in community activities.
  • Submit copies of all activity records to the SNA-SC Director of Community Health at the end of each calendar year.
  • Submit copies of the activity records to USCA Student Life & Services office by Spring Break of each year (usually in March).

The Breakthrough to Nursing  (BTN) Director : 

  • Serve as chairperson of the Breakthrough to Nursing Committee.
  • Encourage recruitment of minority groups into nursing.
  • Encourage recruitment and retention of membership in NSNA and USCA-SNA including sustaining members.

The Media Director :

  • Serve as a co-chair to State Convention Committee.
  • Manage, update and maintain the SNA link on the USCA School of Nursing website.
  • Manage, update, and maintain USCA-SC Facebook page and other social media
  • Maintain and update the SNA Bulletin Board in the SON Food Court with up-to-date information and announcements.
  • Publicize events of USCA-SNA when requested by the officers or ad hoc committee chairs.
  • Submit to the Treasurer receipts for any materials and printing for publicity/newspaper for reimbursement

Class Representatives :

  • Report to their respective class about planned events and projects discussed at USCA-SNA meetings.
  • Act as a liaison between respective classes and the Board of Officers.
  • Attend Executive Board meetings and monthly USCA-SNA chapter meetings.