Professor in a lab coat instructing a student in scrubs

Clinical Attendance Policies

School of Nursing

Attendance and Tardy Policies for Clinical

Students are required to attend all clinical experiences, be on time, and comply with the uniform and dress requirements as outlined in the current BSN Student Handbook. In the event that a student is absent from a clinical experience because of illness, inclement weather, or any other unforeseen circumstance, the student must:

  1. Personally notify the instructor and course coordinator prior to the clinical experience or, in the event of an emergency, within 12 hours. Failure to follow these directions may result in failure of the course.
  2. Arrange with the course coordinator and instructor for clinical make-up.
  3. Complete the assigned clinical make-up experience or activity according to the discretion of the course coordinator and availability of clinical resources.
  4. If a student has an excused absence from clinical on more than one occasion, it may not be possible for the student to make up the clinical experience. In this event, the student may receive a grade of “I” (incomplete) and will not progress to the next level.
  5. If there is an unexcused absence (for example: a planned or unplanned personal trip, any event outside a sponsored USC Aiken event, a sponsored USC Aiken event without prior permission from the course coordinator, or an illness without a physician’s excuse), the student will not pass the clinical portion of the course and will not progress to the next level.