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Department of Computer Science, Engineering & Mathematics

Applied Computer Science students learn to work with data structures, algorithmic design, information security, and software engineering. Majors take courses in discrete math and survey of calculus. The Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Computer Science has three options: traditional Applied Computer Science, Applied Gaming, and Cybersecurity.


Students pursuing the cybersecurity degree learn to protect data, programs, and networks by developing skills in programming (python), network security, communication, database management, cryptography, operating systems, ethical hacking, secure software engineering, cyber defense, digital forensics, and cyber ethics.

The Power of Proximity

USC Aiken has the “power of proximity” and is already bringing together key partnerships to create a cybersecurity ecosystem in Aiken County and throughout South Carolina that leverages the missions of Fort Gordon (only 20 miles from USC Aiken), the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) (only 15 miles from USC Aiken), and other South Carolina entities.

There are significant synergistic activities that make this degree offering at USC Aiken genuinely unique in South Carolina and throughout the southeast.

  • USC Aiken is now the only four-year partner institution with SANS Technology Institute (STI) in the world. Through our exclusive agreement with STI, the STI undergraduate certificate has been folded into our four-year cybersecurity degree as an option for students. (See SANS-USC Aiken Partnership below)
  • The U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence (CCofE) was recently relocated to Fort Gordon and is working on a partnership with USC Aiken and our students.
  • A $50 million Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing Collaborative (AMC) research building will be built on campus that will focus on cybersecurity and other cutting-edge STEM technologies. This will open up research opportunities and networking opportunities for our students.
  • The South Carolina National Guard has as their number one priority to build a $30 million DreamPort cybersecurity center on the campus of USC Aiken. These professional officers will work with our students and our students will work on cybersecurity projects in this state-of-the-art cybersecurity center.
  • USC Aiken’s degree in cybersecurity has now been approved to be offered fully online through the University of South Carolina’s Palmetto College, opening up the degree for students anywhere in the world.

The Cyber and STEM Capital of South Carolina

SANS – USC Aiken Partnership 

The SANS Technology Institute (STI) is a world leader in providing practical cybersecurity SANS logoacademic programs for industry and government professionals and has more than 1,000 enrolled students in its various degree programs. Its Global Information Assurance Certifications (GIAC) exams are the gold standard of training in the cybersecurity world.

STI and USC Aiken have partnered to incorporate the STI Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Cybersecurity (ACS) within the four-year accredited degree (Bachelor of Science – Applied Computer Science - Cybersecurity) offered by USC Aiken. Graduates of this program that elect this “STI-ACS option” will have completed all the requirements for a bachelor’s degree and, in the process, will have completed STI’s Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Cybersecurity, which involves four advanced immersion cybersecurity courses and associated GIAC exams.

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