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Expanding Focus: Elevating University Recruitment in the Marketing Department

The Marketing Department is thrilled to reveal upcoming enhancements in alignment with the university's strategic plan. This new phase brings impactful changes, summarized below.

Responding to the evolving higher education landscape and the university's strategic goals, the Marketing Department is shifting its mission to amplify university-wide marketing, particularly targeting recruitment. This realignment demonstrates our dedication to strategically harmonize resources with the university's long-term objectives.

Under this approach, resources will be redirected from smaller projects towards high-impact initiatives that bolster the comprehensive recruitment strategy. This consolidated effort aims to enhance the university's competitive standing and attract ideal students.

A primary outcome of this shift is a new marketing campaign that captures our university's essence, resonating with prospective students. Leveraging our unique strengths, this campaign presents a cohesive image that emphasizes our exceptional educational experience.

Aligned with the university's commitment to internal collaboration, we're excited to provide templates and guides for internal clients, enabling consistent, on-brand marketing materials tailored to departmental needs. This approach preserves brand integrity and streamlines material creation.

Our dedication to collaboration and communication fuels our progress, ensuring marketing aligns with the university's strategic objectives.

We've also updated our project intake process. Details can be found at under the Resources and Guides tab.

August 22, 2023