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  • Royal Grammar School High Wycombe’s (UK) excellent and attractive Languages Onlinesite has a wide range of Hot Potato and Spell master exercises for all levels.
  • You may appreciate the accuracy, humour and comprehensiveness of the well-established Tex’s French Grammar site, from the University of Texas, USA. The site includes mp3 files exemplifying grammatical structures.
  • Didier Accord (USA) has a mine of interactive exercises for beginners through to advanced level.
  • Bescherelle (Fr) has verb tense guides for reference, but also interactive dictations, a few games and some interactive grammar “quizzes”. Good for intermediate and above.
  • Le point du FLE (Fr) is not only a long-established links site by Hélène Weinachter, but also has its own interactive grammar exercises. Good for general advanced grammar revision.
  • (UK) is from Chris Dawson at Manchester Metropolitan University. It is the Realfrench site pitched at high school level. There are grammar notes, exercises and games, plus vocabulary sections too.
  • Ortholud (Fr) is aimed at primary French children, but this section has useful grammar revision exercises for intermediate/advanced level learners of FLE.
  • The French About (USA) site by Laura Lawless has lots of explanations with accompanying exercises.
  • There are useful, graded exercises at the ABCFrançais (Fr) site.


  • Bonjour de France (Fr) has a large number of interactive tasks and lesson ideas, searchable under various headings including grammar, comprehension, worksheets and games.
  • (Fr) has podcasts with gap fill exercises. All generously offered free by Jennifer, an American expat in France.
  • Text to Speech (USA) is one of several sites which allow students to type in text and hear it back in French. This is a great help if you are preparing for oral presentations or conversations. Make sure your spelling and accents are all correct!
  • The Languages Online (Aus) site has a lot of material, some interactive with good sound, some to be printed off.
  • Français Extra (UK) has various activities including listening tasks with virtual characters.
  • French Games (UK) has simple games such as pelmanism and hangman for beginners and near beginners. A wide range of basic topics is covered.
  • The About (USA) site has good advanced listening resources.
  • PubsTV (Fr) has archived TV commercials from around the world.
  • Europe 1 (Fr) has podcasts for advanced listening.
  • RFI(Fr) has radio extracts in easier French for learners along with interactive exercises.
  • Euronews has TV news clips with transcripts (perhaps more for advanced learners but still great exposure to the target language).
  • France 24 has archived video clips from the news.
  • France 2 has its own TV news clips to watch and listen to.
  • La Réclame has French adverts along with others from around the world.
  • The GABFLE (Fr) blog has good listening material.
  • Frenchtastic (USA) has a collection of Hot Potato exercises covering simple vocabulary themes. There are also downloadable lessons – (it’s free, but you need a Word Press logon).
  • French Podcast has archived listening material and lessons for the MP3 generation.
  • DailyFrenchPod (UK) has a selection of podcasts, spoken at a slow pace. (A subscription is needed to access the full site).
  • 20 Minutes Video Portal (Ch) has a searchable archive of news reports from Switzerland.
  • PodcastFrancaisFacile has podcast lessons.
  • TF1(Fr), a major French TV company, has archived news clips you can stream, as well as live news, weather forecasts and so on. There is a good search facility.
  • Carmen Vera Pérez (Sp) has produced a fabulous range of hotpot activities for various levels. Great practice site!



  • With the lite version of iTooch bases du français you get to trial 12 chapters of the full program (78 chapters). The 5000+ activities are organized into grammar, conjugation, spelling and vocabulary with explanations and inbuilt support. The program is written entirely in French.
  • With the app Learn French with the news, two French media outlets, RFI and TV5 Monde, offer audio and video content on two levels: Beginner: Bilingual audio detective series, completed with a quiz. Advanced: Three blocks of audio sound and video accompanied by scripts and listening exercises. Thanks to a network called Open Feint and Facebook connections, the application also allows you to communicate and exchange ideas with other users.
  • Téléloisirs – watch various French TV channels and programs.
  • France24 – watch both French and International news live.
  • With the La conjugaison app you can check the conjugation of over 9,000 French verbs in all tenses and moods.
  • Duolingo - You have fun while you learn, leveling up and competing with friends. You have the opportunity to translate real-world texts in the language you are learning.
  • French gender is a useful tool for any beginner student of the French language, and a helpful one for intermediate study. Easy to use, with clear instructions, its intuitive interface will have you mastering the gender of nouns in no time.
  • Use the French word of the day app to improve your French vocabulary (verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs).
  •  Musée du Louvre - Twice as many artworks for your enjoyment, with a selection of masterpieces from the museum
  • 100 Fromages de France  - the title says it all!