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Major in Spanish

Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

About the Department

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures promotes an awareness and an appreciation of and a respect for other cultures through language acquisition and stimulates students’ perspectives and knowledge of other countries, other traditions, and other practices. The department strives to improve the communication skills, at all levels, of the students by encouraging them to explore and understand the linguistic and cultural parameters of diverse populations and by helping them to think analytically and systemically about the importance of languages. Moreover, students will gain academic enrichment through knowledge of a diversity of cultures in any given society. 

Degree Requirements for the BA in Spanish

The chart below details all of the courses needed for successful completion of the BA in Spanish. Concentrations are available in Translation and Interpretation or Language, Literatures, and Cultures.

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1. General Education Requirements

50-52 Hours

A. Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World

31-34 Hours

Natural Sciences 

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Astronomy (one lab)

7-8 Hours

History of Civilization

HIST A101 or HIST A102

3 Hours

Social and Behavioral Sciences - two areas

Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Geography 

9 Hours


Two semesters of the same language required.

6-8 Hours

Humanities - two areas

Communication (last two digits must be in 50s or 60s), History, Art History, Music History, Theatre History, Literature, Philosophy (other than logic), Religion, Selected Language courses, Humanities (HSSI acronym), Honors (HONS acronym)

12 Hours

B. Intellectual and Practical Skills

15 Hours

English A101 and A102

6 Hours

Oral Communication

COMM A201 or COMM A241

3 Hours


6 Hours

Satisfactory completion of the Writing Proficiency Requirement

Learn more about the WPP


Satisfactory completion of three courses designated as Writing Intensive, at least one of which is in the student’s major

Learn more about the Writing Intensive requirement


C. Personal and Social Responsibility                

3 Hours

American Political Institutions

POLI A201, HIST A201, or HIST A202

3 Hours

Inter-Curricular Enrichment Program (ICE)

Learn more about the ICE requirement


D. Integrative Learning


While there are no specific course requirements in this category, students are strongly encouraged to include one or more integrative learning experiences in their academic programs, such as linked courses, study abroad, internship, service learning, faculty-mentored research, or capstone.


2. Requirements for Both Concentrations


SPAN A210, SPAN A316 or A317

Majors who use SPAN A210 for their language requirement may have to add an additional 300-level elective to their degrees.

7 Hours

3. Translation and Interpretation Concentration Only Requirements


A. Major Requirements (300 level or above)

21 Hours

Grammar Component

ENGL A450 English Grammar (Prereq: ENGL A102)

3 Hours

Translation/Interpretation Component

SPAN A385 Spanish-English Translation (Prereq: C or better in SPAN A316 or A317)

SPAN A386 Spanish-English Interpretation (Prereq: C or better in SPAN A316 or A317)

6 Hours

Spanish for the Professions Component

Any four from the following:

SPAN A312 Spanish for Medical Personnel (Prereq: C or better in SPAN A102)
SPAN A313 Spanish for Teachers (Prereq: C or better in SPAN A102)
SPAN A314 Spanish for Business & Finance (Prereq: C or better in SPAN A102)
SPAN A315 Spanish for Public Service Civilization (Prereq: C or better in SPAN A102)
SPAN A497 Directed Internship (Prereq: C or better in SPAN A385 or A386)

12 Hours

4. Language, Literatures, and Cultures Concentration Only Requirements 


A. Major Requirements (300 level or above)

21 Hours

Language Component

Either of the following:

SPAN A316 Conversation and Composition

SPAN A317 Advanced Conversation and Composition

3 Hours

Literature Component

SPAN A320 Survey of Latin American Literature (Prereq: C or better in SPAN A316 or A317)

SPAN A340 Survey of Peninsular Literature (Prereq: C or better in SPAN A316 or A317)

ENGL A385 Studies in Non-Western Literature (Caribbean Lit.) (Prereq: C or better in ENGL A101 & A102)

9 Hours

Culture Component

SPAN A303 Latin American Culture and Civilization (Prereq: C or better in SPAN A316 or A317)

SPAN A319 Spanish Peninsular Culture and Civilization (Prereq: C or better in SPAN A316 or A317)

HIST A361 Early Latin America: From European Discoveries to Independence, A362 Modern Latin America: From Independence to the Present; A423 History of Mexico; or A493, A494, or A495 Special Topics [History of Spain] (Prereq: C or better in ENGL A101 & A102)

9 Hours

5. Electives in Spanish for Both Concentrations (300 level or above)

12 Hours

6. Required Cognate for Both Concentrations

12-18 Hours

7. General Electives for Both Concentrations

0-18 Hours

Total hours required

120 Hours