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What To Do If Someone Reports Sexual Assault or Harassment To You

Office of Institutional Culture and Belonging

Flowchart for Responding to Possible Title IX Violations

1. Talk about confidentiality.

Explain your mandatory reporter status the moment you realize a student might be about to discuss sexual assault or harassment. Tell them that you will be required to report their assault or harassment to USC Aiken and cannot guarantee them complete confidentiality. Assure the student that the Title IX Officials will do their best to respect their wishes but must consider the safety of other students on campus as well.

If the survivor wants a guarantee of confidentiality, they must seek assistance from the USC Aiken Counseling Center or the Student Health Center, and you should discontinue any discussion about the assault/harassment and move to Step #2.

If the student is willing to talk with you about the situation without the guarantee of confidentiality, then move to Step #3.

2. Explain how to receive confidential services.

Explain to the survivor that they may discuss their experience in a free, confidential environment at the USC Aiken Counseling Center located in the Student and Educational Support Building, Ste. 107 (803-641-3609) where they can discuss further options for seeking physical or emotional care, reporting the assault or harassment, or receiving further assistance from the community and/or USC Aiken.

Offer to walk the survivor to the Counseling Center in person if at all possible. Then call and let the Counseling Center know that you will be arriving with a student.

3. Support the survivor.

Allow them to share openly without making judgments or evaluations.

4. Report the assault.

Talk to the survivor about reporting the incident to University Police. Remind the survivor that reporting the assault is not the same as prosecuting the assault. They can contact the police and weigh their options before making a decision about filing a criminal complaint. The police can provide valuable information that might assist the student in making an informed decision.

If the survivor is willing, contact the USC Aiken Police Department at 803-648-4011.

If the survivor does not want to call the police, move on to the next step.

5. Seek professional assistance.

Ask the survivor if they would like for you to involve an advocate in the process. Inform the survivor about the services of the Cumbee Center to Assist Abused Persons. Cumbee Center advocates are on call 24/7 to provide support, information, and referrals. Call 803-649-0480 to contact an advocate. After hours, follow the emergency prompt system directions. The advocate will provide support to the student and assist them in sorting through their options.

If the survivor does not want you to call the Cumbee Center, move on to the next step.

6. Recommend medical attention.

Encourage the survivor to seek medical attention. Getting medical attention as soon as possible after an assault is important, whether or not a survivor plans to file a criminal complaint. Medical attention can detect, document, and treat physical injury, sexually transmitted infections, and pregnancy. Have the student go to the Aiken Regional Medical Center at 302 University Parkway; Aiken Regional can be called at 803-641-5000.

7. Seek emotional support.

Encourage the survivor to seek emotional support and assistance. The survivor can receive free, confidential counseling at the Counseling Center located in B&E 126 (803-641-3609). If possible, walk the student to the Counseling Center after calling the Center to alert them that you will be arriving with a student.

8. Seek judicial support.

Explain to the survivor that the Office of Judicial Affairs can assist with filing a complaint against the alleged assailant, help initiate a “No Contact Order,” arrange interim protective measures (such as room changes, class schedule changes, etc.), and complete an investigation. Make note that involving Judicial Affairs is not the same as filing a police report. The Office of Judicial Affairs is responsible for the judicial process for students alleged to have violated a provision of the Student Code of Conduct. To make a report, contact Lacie Wehrmann at 803-641-3611.

9. Offer to connect the survivor with services for relocation.

If the survivor does not feel safe in their current residence you can offer to connect them with the following resources for temporary housing:

For on-campus residents, call the Associate Director of Housing, Hope Smith-Dunbar, at 803-641-3786.

Off-campus female survivors can access an off-campus shelter via the Cumbee Center by calling 803-649-0480.

10.  Report the incident to the Title IX and Civil Rights Coordinator.

This is a mandatory step that must be completed as quickly as possible!

Provide your name and contact information. In most cases, the Coordinator of Title IX and Civil Rights can respect requests for anonymity; however, there may be special instances when the Coordinator of Title IX and Civil Rights is not able to honor a request for anonymity, i.e., a repeat offense by the alleged perpetrator, a very serious allegation, or the need to protect the community from danger.

Incident Reporting Form

Jamel Hodges
Coordinator of Title IX and Civil Rights
Student Activities Center, Room 164


USC Aiken Counseling Center
Student and Educational Support Building, Suite 107
Call 803-641-3609 for appointments, but walk-ins are accepted.

USC Aiken Student Health Center
Student Activities Center, Room 106
Walk-ins are welcome!
Hours: 10:00 am-4:00 pm, Monday-Friday

HR Director/Equal Opportunity Officer
Carla Hayes
Human Resources Office, Penland 116B

Vice Chancellor for Student Engagement & Belonging
Ahmed Samaha
Student Activities Center, Student Life Office

USC Aiken Judicial Affairs
Lacie Wehrmann
Student Activities Center, Student Life Office

Aiken Regional Medical Center
302 University Parkway, Aiken SC 29801

University Police
Pacer Downs
803-648-4011 from off-campus or cell phone
6111 from UofSC Aiken phones

Cumbee Center to Assist Abused Persons
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week