HCM PeopleSoft Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the HCM PeopleSoft system? On the Employee Self Service landing page, click the Time and Absence tile then click the Enter Time tile to enter time on a timesheet.

I am a new employee and un-able to pull up my timesheets; what is the problem? All new hire paperwork (I-9’s etc) is sent to Columbia Payroll for processing.It may take a week to 10 days after your paperwork is submitted before you will be able to log in VIP or have access to HCM PeopleSoft.

Being a new hire and not having access to my timesheet, will I be able to go back to previous timesheets and enter my time worked? Yes, once you have access to HCM PeopleSoft, open your timesheet and select the correct workweek then enter your time, save, and submit for approval.

How do I enter my holiday hours? If you did not work any hours on the Holiday, the timesheet should remain blank for that day. The Holiday hours will be visible in the payable time summary once the time administration process runs on the holiday. If you did work on a holiday, enter the hours worked on the timesheet using the HOLEX-Worked a Holiday time reporting code. These hours will be visible on the timesheet.

I am trying to add regular hours to my timesheet but the Time Reporting Code row is grayed out; what should I do? The grayed-out row is most likely due to an absence request(s) that carried over into the timesheet as a view only row on the timesheet for a combined and complete picture of work and leave hours for a given time period. To add regular hours, scroll all the way over to the right and click the +plus button. This will give you a new row where you can select the REGHR-Regular Hours time reporting code and enter regular hours.

How do I enter time to the minute on the timesheet? When entering time to the minute on a timesheet it is important to remember the decimal place is not the number of minutes worked but rather the calculation of minutes worked over 60. For example, 3 hours and 34 minutes would be entered on the timesheet as 3.57 (34 minutes/60 minutes= 0.57). 

Can I request an absence from the timesheet? Only earned compensatory time and holiday compensatory time are taken and/or entered directly on the timesheet. All other leave types must be initiated through the request an absence process and cannot be entered directly on the timesheet.

What if my supervisor doesn’t approve my time sheet? Unapproved timesheets are not processed. If your supervisor is not available to approve the timesheet, an HCM PeopleSoft department approver can retrieve and approve your timesheet. If the supervisor fails to approve your timesheet and you are an hourly paid employee and not paid as scheduled, the supervisor should contact Human Resources to request a special pay for the week that was not approved if you are unable to wait until the next pay period.

Can an employee change their timesheet after after it has been sent for approval or approved? Yes, but any changes at that point must be re-approved by the supervisor or a HCM PeopleSoft department approver. If there is a change in earnings, that adjustment will be made on the following pay period.

If my supervisor is out on vacation, how will I get my timesheet approved?   

If your direct supervisor is away, the TL/ABS Approver for your department will have access to approve your timesheet.

Can I fill out my timesheets in advance?  Yes. The Time and Absence System allows you to access a timesheet up to 30 days and save your hours. Any leave hours entered will appear on your timesheet as a view only row.

If a timesheet has been extracted, and the employee realized that leave taken wasn’t entered on the time record, or an incorrect type of leave was entered on the timesheet, how can it be fixed?  Once the time has been sent for approval or has been extracted the employee must make the change and this will require the supervisor/approver to “re-approve” your previously extracted timesheet.  The change will be processed as an adjustment when the upcoming time period is processed.

What if I am on leave when time sheets are due, and my timesheet is not filled out? If you did not fill out your timesheet in advance, your supervisor or and HCM PeopleSoft department approver can create the timesheet in your absence.

As a Director or Administrator, how do I access Timesheets or the Leave Summary of an employee who is in my division but does not actually report to me? TL/ABS approvers are assigned based on their Job Data department. An employee's assigned department determines which approvers can access their timesheet.

How will I know my timesheet was approved?  The approval icon will be visible on the timesheet in Employee Self Service.

How do I cancel an absence request I previously submitted?  To cancel an absence request, including those that have already been approved, you must initiate an absence cancelation request through the Cancel Absence tile in employee self-service. The cancel request will require your manager’s approval.