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Apply for Housing

University Housing

University Housing is accepting housing applications for the Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 school year.

All housing contracts are for the full academic year, this includes both fall and spring semesters.  Please read the terms of the contract before submitting your application. Your contract begins once you sign your occupancy card and pick up your keys.

How do I apply for Housing?

Please scroll down and view the brief video before you begin your housing application. It will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to complete your application.

Before applying for on-campus housing, you must first claim your USC Aiken e-mail account and verify it according to the checklist item in your application portal (  Once you have done so, you may use either of the two options described below to apply for housing.

Please Note: If you receive a login error, you may simply need to clear your cache and try logging in again.  Some users have reported this issue; however, there is no error with the system.

If an error message persists, please contact the USC Aiken Help Desk at 803.641.3391 for assistance.

Way #1

Step 1: Submit a completed housing application.

 USC Aiken Housing Application

* You will need your USCA Email Address and password to log in. If you need assistance, please contact the USC Aiken Computer Help Desk at 803-641-3391.

Step 2: Click on the Login tab on the blue bar.

Step 3: Enter your USC Aiken email address and password and click "sign in."

Step 4: Follow the four steps on the housing application checklist.

Step 5: When you have completed your housing application, review it and submit It.

Way #2

Step 1: Go to and click on Sign in to Self Service Carolina (SSC).

* You will need your VIP ID number and password to log in. If you need assistance, please contact the USC Aiken Computer Help Desk at 803-641-3391.

Step 2: Click the admissions tab.

Step 3: Click the "housing services" box.

Step 4: Navigate to the campus tab, select Aiken and click continue

Step 5: Under Spring 2022, click the link that says 2022-2023 application

Step 6: Complete the housing application

Step 7: Pay the $125 security deposit and $25 application fee

Step 8: Complete the roommate matching questionnaire 

How Do I Cancel My Housing Contract?

If you have to withdraw from school before the semester ends, you must submit a Housing Contract Release Request form.  Then, your request form must be approved for you to move out of housing before the end of your contract.

Learn More About Housing Contract Cancellation