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Housing Room Reservation

University Housing

University Housing Room Reservation Process

University Housing Offers some rooms for reservation through the University’s 25 Live system. These rooms include the outdoor pavilions, basketball and volleyball courts, and the Pacer Crossings, Pacer Commons, and Pacer Downs classrooms. To reserve one of these spaces, please use the 25 Live system.

University Housing offers additional spaces for limited use, depending on the nature of the event.  These spaces are:

Pacer Crossings

First Floor Lounge: Large space with television, couch, and armchairs

Fourth Lounge: Large space with television, couch, 2 armchairs, and kitchen access

Pacer Commons

1B: Lounge room with large space, couches, armchairs, and tables

2A: Lounge room with large space, couches, armchairs, and tables

3A: Lounge room with large space, couches, armchairs, and tables

4A: Lounge room with large space, couches, armchairs, and tables

4B: Lounge room with large space, couches, armchairs, and tables

Pacer Downs

Community Center: Large space with television, couch, armchairs, and kitchen access

Outdoor Pool: 3-6-foot-deep pool with surrounding lounge chairs and outside bathroom access


Please read all instructions before completing the Room Reservation form (see link below). All requests are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • The University Housing building area Assistant Director will respond to the resident’s or organization’s room request within two business days of receipt of the request form. He/she will review space requests and be responsible for ensuring any scheduled events comply with relevant university policies. He/she should coordinate with the user regarding venue options such as set-up, audio-visual equipment, catering, special custodial requests, security, and building access.
  • Room reservation requests will need to be submitted at least seven business days prior to the event.
  • If any type of setup is required, please leave a short description under the “Event Details” section of the Room Reservation Form.
  • If the meeting or event will be held on multiple dates, i.e., a sorority or fraternity meeting that is held each week at the same time/same room, it is necessary to place repeating dates on the Room Reservation form.
  • Any changes in event times, location, or cancellations, must be made by email confirmation to the University Housing building area Assistant Director.

Rules and Guidelines for All Spaces in University Housing

  1. An event must be organized by a University Housing resident, a university department or office, and/or a university-recognized student organization.
  2. All events must abide by the policies in the University Housing Community Guide, the University Housing Agreement, and the University Student Handbook. Failure to follow these policies will result in the event's ending by a university or University Housing staff member and the loss of the use.
  3. All venues are alcohol-free areas, per University Housing policies.
  4. All Housing facilities are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. Any professional staff member from University Housing can specify restrictions concerning how a space is used, depending upon the requested event type. These specifications will be provided in writing to the event coordinator, organization president, and organization on-campus advisor.
  6. Event organizers are responsible for the conduct of their members or guests and may be held accountable for any policy violations through the University conduct process.
  7. Events may not be announced or advertised to residents or students until all parties have fully agreed upon contracts and approval has been issued by a member of the University Housing staff. Advertising the event before the approval of the event will result in University Housing denying the request for an event.
  8. All groups using Housing facilities must leave facilities as they found them, i.e., no trash left in the room, no changes in the room setups, no covers on doors or windows, no damage to furnishings or venue, etc. If this is not done, then damages will be charged to the student(s) who reserved the venue.
  9. Indoor and outdoor space is subject to the campus-wide ban on tobacco and smoking policy.
  10. Candles, inflammables, or open flames of any kind are prohibited from use.
  11. Use of tape or other adhesives, nailing, tacking, or permanently adhering items to ceilings, walls, floors, windows, or doors is prohibited in all venues.
  12. Fire safety equipment should not be tampered with in any space.


University Housing Professional Staff Contact Information

Pacer Crossings Desk: 803.644.2170

Pacer Commons Desk: 803.641.3767

Pacer Downs Desk: 803.641.3768