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About Honors Courses

Honors Program

About Honors Courses

Honors students will complete at least 20 percent of their academic program in courses designated/related to the Honors program.

A common three-semester hour, interdisciplinary Honors course (HONS 101) is required for all first-year entrants into the Honors program. This course emphasizes writing and critical thinking skills.

In addition, during their academic career Honors students will complete three academic colloquia (seminars) on topics related to annually changing themes (HONS 201). Each colloquium will be on topics such as "the Impact of Globalization," "America's Place in the World," and "Nonviolence." At least two colloquium will be offered each semester. 

Further, two Honors-designated “enriched” general education courses, two Honors-designated “enriched” courses in the student's major field, and one additional Honors-designated “enriched” course of the student’s choosing are required. These courses are not offered as separate sections; rather, the department or school identifies courses each semester as Honors-designated “enriched”. Faculty members meet separately with Honors students enrolled in the course to work with them on a topic or topics of interest in order to provide more depth to the course. 

Finally, Honors students will complete Capstone Project (HONS 499) under the supervision of a USC Aiken faculty member during the student's senior year.

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