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More Than a Game

Office of Advancement

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Architectural Rendering of the 9-Hole Practice Facility

UofSC Aiken and The First Tee of Aiken  have partnered to raise funds to build a golf practice facility on campus. We’re calling this effort The More Than a Game Campaign.

The University’s need for a dedicated golf practice space is well known as the demands on local courses have increased. Having an accessible practice facility is an especially needed resource for the team and will serve as a powerful recruiting tool. And it’s imperative before the University can consider expanding our golf program to include a Women’s N.C.A.A. Division II Golf Team.

UofSC Aiken and The First Tee of Aiken share common values and the goal of preparing students to become respectful, responsible, educated citizens.  This campus facility housing both programs will help lower costs for both organizations.  Click on the link below to learn more about this exciting project!

I think the golf facility being developed by UofSC Aiken and The First Tee of Aiken is really exciting! Having these two great organizations team up makes a great case for creating a place to serve both programs well into the future. My college golf team will have a complete practice facility that will not only help to improve the golfers' performance but will also serve as a powerful recruiting tool. The First Tee of Aiken will be able to expand their terrific programming and positive impact on Aiken County youngsters. This is truly a "win-win" that makes perfect sense!

Scott Brown Endorsement

Quick Facts About "More Than A Game"

  • $3.17M Project
  • 60 prime acres on the UofSC Aiken campus
  • 9-Hole Practice Facility
  • Timeline: 1-2 Years
  • Honorary Co-Chairs: Scott Brown and Kevin Kisner

Associated Programs

First Tee of Aiken

UofSC Aiken Men's Golf

Mission and Benefits

UofSC Aiken

The First Tee of Aiken

Practice facility on campus, without bearing 100% of development and maintenance costs

Facility will serve as an excellent recruiting tool
Opportunity for UofSC Aiken students and facility to play golf or learn the game, with minimal expense

Enhances commitment to the community

Opportunity for UofSC Aiken students to perform community service in tutoring and mentoring programs

Permanent home that is well suited for chapter needs

Better geographic location than current location

Long term, affordable home for programming and outreach

Safe haven for participants

Access to UofSC Aiken students to assist with tutoring and mentoring programs

Accessible, affordable and convenient golf and practice facility

Extended programming hours due to dedicated practice area, lighted space, and golf holes available for play

Excellent venue for fund raising activities

Ability to extend our National School Program by having space to hold a year end School Challenge Championship (this activity has proven very successful for several chapters, but our current facility isn’t suitable for this event)

Partnership offers great possibilities in all areas from grants to joint programs to community relationships and more

Accessibility for those with disabilities

Naming Opportunities

If you are interested in naming opportunities for the proposed golf facility, please contact :

Mary Driscoll
Vice Chancellor for Advancement and External Affairs

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.