Steinway Piano

Driving Directions

The Etherredge Center

Traveling I-20 East

  1. Exit I-20 at Exit 18/Highway 19.
  2. Turn right onto Highway 19.
  3. Go 4.2 miles. Turn right onto Highway 118 and go 3.1 miles.
  4. Turn left onto University Parkway. Go through the traffic light. USC Aiken will be on the right.

Traveling I-20 West

  1. Exit I-20 at Exit 22/Highway 1.
  2. Turn left onto Highway 1.
  3. Go 8.0 miles. Turn right onto Richland Avenue/Highways 78/1.
  4. Go 2.8 miles (passing through the downtown business district). Turn right onto University Parkway.
  5. Go .6 miles. USC Aiken will be on your left.