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External Programs

Pricing for Events and/or Conferences

Catering, audio-visual equipment and any additional requested services are priced per use. Room rental includes one basic set-up with tables and chairs. All room rental rates are based on a daily rate.

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Hours of Operation

The USC Aiken Conference Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.and during scheduled events being held in the facility. Evening events should end prior to 10:00 p.m. unless otherwise planned.

Weekend Hours: Weekend hours may be made by appointment or as relating to a scheduled function.

Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather USCA reserves the right to cancel events.


Parking at USC Aiken is free and available in Lots A, B, C, and D for participants in groups of 50 or less. All group participants are asked to park within the white lines in these lots, otherwise they will be subject to a parking ticket. Larger groups may be asked to park in a specially designated area.


 No outside food and beverage is allowed on the USC Aiken campus. All food and beverage needs must go through the University’s Catering partner. Please visit the following website: or call (803) 641-3596.


The Conference Center staff will be pleased to arrange for the purchase of freshly cut flowers, centerpieces, etc. No decorations may be hung from the ceilings or placed on walls. All candles must be globed.


Easels can provided for any posters or signs to be displayed during a meeting or seminar. No signs or posters are allowed to be pinned or taped to the doors or walls. The placement of organizational banners must be arranged and approved prior to the event.

Pre-event Shipments/Labor Charges

All shipments must be approved through the USC Aiken Conference Center. A labor charge may be assessed for unloading items to storage areas. No shipments will be accepted earlier than 48 hours prior to an event and must be picked up within 48 hours after the event unless prior arrangements are made.

Room Assignments

The USC Aiken Conference Center reserves the right to make room assignments based on group size and space maximization. If the guarantee for an event falls below the original expected attendance, the USC Aiken Conference Center reserves the right to reassign the event to an appropriately-sized room.


The Director of USC Aiken Public Safety has the option to require security at any event held on campus by outside groups renting USC Aiken facilities. These services are billed at an hourly rate and may require payment for a minimum number of hours.


The University of South Carolina meets ADA requirements. If you need special services, assistance or accommodations to participate in an event or program please call the Office of Conferences and Continuing Education at 803-641-3587 at least one week prior to the event for information and a fee schedule.


The USC Aiken Conference Center reserves the right to inspect and control all events being held in the Center. The USC Aiken Conference Center does not assume responsibility for personal property and equipment brought into the Center. Liability for any damage to the premises or University equipment will be the responsibility of the contracting party and will be charged back to them accordingly. The USC Aiken Conference Center is not liable for any bodily injury during the use of campus facilities. In certain cases, groups may be asked to submit to USC Aiken a certificate of insurance for general liability.


There will be a charge for any and all damages to the facility, equipment and /or furnishings which occur during use. This includes, but is not limited to, tape on walls, doors and/or floors. There will also be a charge when excess cleanup is required.

  • Please DO NOT use confetti or glitter for decorations in the Conference Center or anywhere on campus.
  • Please DO NOT use any sort of tacks, nails, or screws ANYPLACE in the Conference Center,
  • Please DO NOT use tape ANYWHERE unless its use has been approved by one or our staff members.
  • Please DO NOT hang banners or flags ANYWHERE unless cleared by a staff member. You will need to indicate where and how these will be hung.
  • If you require the use of water or access to water, please let us know immediately so that we can work with you.
  • If you require the use of "extra" electricity, please let us know before you "plug in" so that we can ensure that no single circuit is overloaded.
  • Please be VERY CAREFUL when unloading, loading and transporting your supplies/materials in the Conference Center. In particular, dollies and carts should be used with caution so that walls and corners are not damaged.

Responsibility of Scheduling Group

It is the responsibility of the scheduling group to be aware of all USC Aiken Conference Center policies and guidelines, as they pertain to the use of the facility for events. The group representative who signs the USC Aiken Conference Center Agreement accepts the responsibility for ensuring that all policies and guidelines are followed while event attendees are using the facility.


  • A reservation is not confirmed until a USC Aiken Conference Center contract has been signed by both parties.
  • Cancellations must be made with the USC Aiken Conference Center at least ten (10) business days prior to the scheduled event or the full rental fee will be charged.
  • The USC Aiken Conference Center reserves the right to release unconfirmed reservations fifteen (15) business days preceding the event.
  • In some cases a deposit may be required.
  • All groups will be billed following their events, with the full payment due no later than 30 days after receipt of the bill. All unpaid accounts are subject to late fees and collection costs.

Sales Tax

All USC Aiken Conference Center prices are subject to state and local sales tax.

Administrative Fee

All groups will be charged an administrative fee of 10% of the total invoice or a minimum of $25.00 per event.

Smoking Policy

The use of any tobacco product is prohibited on all university property.

Use of University Name

The organization or individual must agree that no advertisement or other public statement shall assert or imply that the University of South Carolina Aiken supports, approves, or endorses any product, service, interest, position, or ideology of the organization or individual, unless such advertisements or statements have been approved in writing by USC Aiken in advance of publication.