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Mona L. Martin Prize

Department of English

Through the generosity of distinguished USC Aiken graduate Mona l. Martin, the Mona L. Martin Prize in Freshman Writing is offered annually to a first-year student at USC Aiken who demonstrates excellence in expository writing. Submission guidelines are available in H&SS 204. Entries should be submitted to Mr. Karl Fornes (H&SS 208B).

Submission Guidelines

  • The Mona L. Martin Prize in Freshman Writing will be given annually on a competitive basis to a first-year English composition student whose work demonstrates excellence in expository prose.
  • The competition is open to all full-time, currently enrolled students who have accrued less than 30 collegiate credit hours.
  • Any piece of expository writing completed for academic credit in English 101 or English 102 may be submitted for consideration.
  • The signature of the instructor will serve as validation.
  • Essays may be revised or expanded by the student before submission. (The original paper should be attached.)
  • There is no restriction as to the subject.
  • No student may submit more than two essays.
  • The jurors reserve the right to withhold the award if it decides that there were not enough essays.
  • Essays submitted for the Kaplan Writing Award will not be considered for the Mona L. Martin Prize in Freshman Writing.
  • Essays should be submitted to Karl Fornes (H&SS 208B) with a cover sheet including the student's name, the name and number of the course for which the paper was completed, and the professor's validating signature. The student's name should not appear anywhere else in the paper.