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Department of English

Each semester, the Department of English offers internship opportunities for  English majors and professional/creative writing minors. Follow the links below or contact Karl Fornes, H&SS 208B, for more information.

Career Services Internship Information

The USC Aiken Career Services Office has a variety of resources for students interested in internships, including advice about resumés and cover letters and links to a variety of online job boards.

Internal Internships

Internal internships are opportunities to complete a credit-bearing internship on campus; they are normally supervised by a faculty member in the English Department. The internships vary by semester, but here are some recent internal internships.

English Department Newsletter

Each fall, the USC Aiken English Department hires an intern to assist with the writing and publication of Words, Words, Words, the department’s annual newsletter. The internship provides students with practical, hands-on experience in writing and publishing.

The Oswald Review

The USC Aiken English Department is home to the Oswald Review, the only international journal dedicated to undergraduate research in literature. Each year the Oswald Review hires a qualified intern to assist with editing the journal. The internship provides practical, hands-on experience in editing and publishing.

The Writing Center

The English Department manages the USC Aiken Writing Center. Each semester the Writing Center hires qualified students to serve internships tutoring writing.The internships provide practical experience in tutoring and teaching writing.

External Internships

External internships are paid or credit-bearing internship opportunities offered off campus. They are normally collaboratively supervised by an English faculty member and an on-site supervisor and look even better on a resumé than the internal internships. The internships vayr by semester, but some recent ones are as follows.

Sigma Tau Delta Internships

Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society has internships for members, including a couple at large publishing houses. They also have a stipend program for students engaged in low-paying summer internships.

MAU Workforce Solutions

Several USC Aiken students have completed directed internships in the Marketing Department of MAU Workforce solutions. The internship provides experience writing online, specifically for MAU’s Career Tips blog.

Aiken Land Conservancy

The Communications Intern at the Aiken Land Conservancy assists with writing projects for print and online, media messaging and research for a variety of communication efforts, including the conservancy’s web site and newsletter.

The Free State Review

Interns at the Free State Review, a print literary journal with some internet presence, correspond with authors, update the journal’s social media outlets, read and discuss submissions, and otherwise assist the editors with the publication.