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Field Experiences

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Welcome to the Office of Field Experiences at UofSC Aiken! Education majors participate in a variety of field experiences throughout all of our education programs.

The requirements during field experiences gradually increase as students advance in coursework. Freshmen and sophomore teacher candidates are generally required to observe, while juniors and seniors are typically required to implement lessons, collect data, and assess student progress. Cooperating Teachers, university supervisors, and faculty also observe lessons to provide feedback to the teacher candidates.

Teacher candidates enrolled in internship are required to be observed and evaluated using the 4.0 rubric. They also complete the SLO assignment.

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Why would I use GoReact?

Students learn faster when they can SEE themselves along with feedback from their instructor at exactly the same moment. GoReact lets students and instructors view student teaching videos and leave time-coded text, video or audio feedback for purposes of assessment and improvement. It is the perfect way for students to develop exceptional skills!

How do I start using GoReact?

Presenter (Students): There are videos and written instructions for “New Students” and “Returning Students.”

View getting started guide for students

Reviewer (Faculty): Reviewers are faculty and university supervisors that have permissions to view critique and evaluate videos in a course.

View getting started guide for reviewers

Instructor (SoE Office): Instructors have administrative rights within a course to create, view and manage content and users.

View getting started guide for Instructors

GoReact Help Links

From this launch pad, you will find help and instructions in various role categories (students, reviewers, and instructors) and quick solutions to common problems.

Visit GoReact Help Center

Having specific problems with video recording device and file size? Utilize this resource!

View technical Resources

Learn More

If you have any questions regarding field experiences, you can contact the Field Experience Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..